15+ gift ideas for realtors

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Do you know a realtor who provides fantastic service? Maybe they put on an amazing open house for you or went above and beyond during your home sale. Maybe you want to reward your realtor with something special to show your gratitude. While not necessary, some people feel compelled to celebrate their realtor’s extraordinary service with a thoughtful gift. After all, the home buying or home selling process is a huge milestone that you couldn’t have made it through without your realtor by your side.

Or, perhaps, you have a real estate agent in the family, or who is a close friend, and you are looking for the perfect gift for Christmas, a birthday, or another occasion. If you aren’t a real estate agent yourself, it may be hard to come up with ideas for what exactly makes a great gift for that special person you have in mind.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 15 realtor gift ideas for various kinds of realtors and some general products that will please any realtor, and hopefully, prove useful.

Practical and useful gifts for realtors

General, low-cost gifts for real estate agents

These gifts are the most general and cost-effective, though still would be very valuable gifts for a real estate agent. If you loved the service you received but didn’t get to learn much about your realtor, these general gifts will appeal to almost anyone in the real estate business.

Thank you note or online review

These may seem like simple options, but they really can make a big difference.

Something as simple as an earnest thank you note can mean a lot to a real estate agent who gives their all to their work. Nothing feels better than being recognized, even in the simplest ways.

Beyond a thank you letter, you would be surprised just how much a positive web review can mean for a realtor, especially a new one. An online presence is a major way that agents find new clients, and a solid testimonial will help them get even more business.

If you really want to share the experience you had with your realtor, consider referring a friend to their services when they are in the market for real estate.

Pens, notebooks, and organizers

Real estate agents have no shortage of notes to take or paperwork to carry and sign for any real estate transaction. That’s why a high-quality pen is infinitely useful and will easily see everyday use. Anyone with a fancy pen also looks more professional and impressive at the closing table.

Notebooks and organizers come in many shapes and sizes, but for a realtor the ideal is portability. This means something in a smaller size with a durable cover is ideal. Again, a realtor can find tons of use out of a good notebook and a high-quality notebook will be a pleasure to write in. For the extra touch, consider a personalized or monogrammed notebook cover.

Either one of these gifts, or both together, would make an affordable and practical gift for a realtor.

Engraved business card case

Realtors are all about making connections. Any agent you meet will likely be carrying their business cards to pass out at events or open houses. If they don’t already have one, a business card holder is a borderline necessity for the working realtor. There are even shops where you can get customized business card holders that are both thoughtful and eye-catching.

For the overworked real estate agents

If you have worked with a realtor before you know that they are some of the busiest and hardest working people around. These great gifts are a subtle way of telling your realtor to take some personal time and kick their feet up. They deserve it!

A gift certificate to a spa

A spa day or gift card can provide a realtor with a relaxing and luxurious experience that they otherwise may not opt to purchase for themselves. There are spas all over that specialize in all sorts of different experiences and offer different packages. A day at a spa can be like a mini-vacation and will leave your recipient feeling refreshed and relaxed.

A bottle of fine wine or spirits

Some people prefer to take part in a different form of relaxation in their own home. Whether for a dinner party, or just to sip and enjoy, this is another great gift that will be happily accepted by many realtors and another opportunity to buy them something they wouldn’t always go for themselves. There are countless varieties of alcoholic beverages that people enjoy, be it wine, whiskey or rum, so do your best to figure out your realtor’s particular vice and you will make their day.

Self-care product gifts for realtors

A gift basket

If you are the kind of person who has trouble deciding on only one gift, this is the choice for you. A gift basket provides your recipient with all sorts of smaller treats and gifts, all wrapped up in an attractive presentation sure to put a smile on a realtor’s face. These days, there are also tons of different services that offer gift baskets specializing in different themes. You can get a basket for anything from food, drinks, self-care products, pet products, hobbies, or a combination of them all.

Muscle massager

If your realtor spends a lot of time out and about and on their feet, they may begin feeling the impacts after a long day. A body massager can be a major relief for pain and assist with relaxation. It’s also a nice way to show that you care about your recipients well being. These are also a great gift for the realtor who loves working out!

Coffee-related gifts

If your agent is someone who keeps a lot of early morning appointments or is just the kind of person who is never seen without a coffee nearby, I can promise you they will appreciate a coffee-themed gift. A quality coffee and espresso maker, a nice mug, or a bag of fancy beans will add a bit of dark brightness to any coffee-obsessed agent’s day.

For the fashionable real estate agent

A lot of agents have spent a lot of time working on their personal brand, which means a lot of focus on their personal image. It’s also a profession in general that allows more fashionable people to express their style in their everyday job. If your realtor is like this, here are some gifts that they will find particularly lovely.

Headshots or photography

If your realtor wowed you with their sense of style but didn’t have the most visual presence online, this is a good gift idea. You can book them with a photographer and pay for them to get wonderful headshots that will make them feel glamorous and be useful for their professional life. You could also consider a session for family shots for the realtor who holds their family very dear.

Realtor apparel (socks, shirts)

There are numerous options available for real estate-themed apparel that will allow your gift recipient to express their pride in their field of work. These items range from funny to serious depending on the recipient’s taste.

Self-care products

Perhaps your realtor would love some high-quality self-care products. There are hundreds of products for all sorts of purposes, and many companies even offer gift boxes or sampler packs. These products will leave your recipient looking and feeling their best.

The perfect gift for techie real estate agents

Some agents are more of the nerdy type and will be excited by anything electronic or technological. Any of these products would be a great choice for someone like that.

Innovative and tech-savvy gifts for real estate agents

Phone lens

Realtors need to take photos all the time, and while phone cameras have gotten good, they don’t always cut it. Phone cameras these days have gotten pretty good, but you might want to consider a lens system for their smartphone. These accessories are lightweight and portable but will make their photos pop even more. Plus they are just fun to mess around with. There are many options for these types of cases with a range of prices.

Digital tape measure

A tape measure is a necessary everyday carry item for any working real estate agent. The trouble is they can often be bulky and awkward to use. These days, technology has improved upon the classic tape measure to make an even better modern version. These digital tape measures use a laser to measure long distances with shocking speed and accuracy and are able to convert units on the fly. They are also stylishly techy and will make their user look more like a secret agent than a carpenter. No offence meant to carpenters.


This might be one of the more expensive items on the list, but it’s also incredibly useful. In the past few years, smartwatches have exploded in popularity for their high utility in a sleek and stylish package. Real estate agents are always managing their communications and trying to keep appointments, so this will no doubt prove useful for them. Another great option for fitness-minded agents is a fitness tracker.

Portable power bank

If you know a real estate agent who is never seen without their iPad and smartphone in tow, you likely also know one who has constant battery issues. These simple units make those problems a thing of the past. Though these are pretty common now, there are a multitude of low-quality and low-capacity units sold as trinkets. Opt for a high-quality and high-capacity unit, maybe even one capable of fast or wireless charging. Though simple, these can be a lifesaver in a pinch, literally.

Your realtor will appreciate such a thoughtful gift

Hopefully, this list gave you some ideas for great gifts for real estate agents. Good luck shopping!