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150. David Fleming, Bosley Real Estate – David Fleming Group

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Bosley Real Estate – David Fleming Group
Toronto, ON

Known for both his continued excellence at Bosley Real Estate and for creating one of Canada’s most active and informative real estate blogs, David Fleming is a fountain of knowledge for both consumers and other Realtors. Young agents looking to make their mark on the industry would do well to heed his advice.

“Those who are willing to live and breathe the job, and make sacrifices where others wouldn’t, will ultimately persevere,” he says. “You can party in your 20s, or you can work your ass off – and then party for the rest of your life.”

Fleming wonders if organized real estate, once the agent of change in the industry, might currently be one of the forces hindering it. With advisory boards such as TREB currently locked in controversies over what agents can and can’t do, Fleming says agents have a responsibility to be “at the forefront of change, rather than trying to keep the old guard in place.”