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The story of Broker’s Playbook began as a bi-weekly podcast hosted by one of the nation’s top leaders in the Real Estate and Mortgage industries. Each episode, Simeon Papailias, Founder and CEO of REC Canada, is joined by prominent special guests to share their wealth of knowledge and help create an easy-to-implement playbook for motivated realtors.
Past guests include Tim Hudak, Carolyn Cheng, Jared James, and a list of many other coaches, economists, marketing experts, developers, and top performers who provide the latest insights to an ever-changing market. As a collaborative space, the show’s topics are often drawn from discussions within the online community and the submissions provided by dedicated listeners. Now in its fourth season, the platform behind the podcast has expanded to offer elite training and coaching programs for success-driven professionals who strive to be future industry leaders by delivering exceptional service and results.


was developed with the hopes that our followers will enjoy it, be inspired by it, contribute towards it, and one day make a guest appearance on it to pass along their expertise to others.



the team

the team

Simeon Papailias

When it comes to real estate, no one does it quite like Simeon Papailias. As a highly respected, heavily connected industry leader and influencer, Simeon is one of the nation’s top professionals relied on for market knowledge, expertise, and straight-forward advice. Whether it’s with valued clients, his growing team, or lifelong friends in the business, his authentic approach connects people across cultures, demographics and regions.

While attending Ryerson University’s Accounting and Financial Management program, his fascination with numbers and analytics led him to the commercial and investment real estate world.  Committed to having an unmatched work ethic and unwavering integrity in the field, Simeon served as chairman at Royal LePage for a decade while expanding his network to include successful builders and investors across Ontario. These days, his name is synonymous with Toronto Real Estate investing as he is a frequent guest on multiple media channels who seek his unique perspective and exceptional guidance.

Simeon is also the co-founder and managing partner of REC Canada, the #1 Investment Focused Real Estate Firm in the country. REC Canada is the recipient of multiple awards in the real estate community and has an impeccable pedigree. REC is home to over 40 Senior Brokers that deal with over $200M in Canadian Real Estate each year.

More than a remarkable real estate mind, Simeon is a dedicated philanthropist who loves giving back to the community. He can be spotted volunteering around the city without fanfare and taking up the fight for those being treated unfairly in various local communities.

Simeon’s intellect and genuine communication style make the Broker’s Playbook Podcast a platform for thought-leaders in the real estate industry. The podcast asks the tough questions, gets the experts who matter and raises the issues real estate investors need to stay ahead of the pack.

Ryan Coyle

Knowing from a young age that a regular pension plan (if he even had one) would
never be enough to retire comfortably on, Ryan became obsessed with securing his
financial future—and quickly realized that real estate offered the best, simplest, and
safest solution.

Today, after over 20 years of real estate investment experience, Ryan has
built a personal portfolio of over 40 doors. Having learned first-hand how to
accumulate massive wealth through real estate, Ryan is now obsessed with sharing
his knowledge and helping others achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Life isn’t all about real estate deals and work however—Ryan loves the outdoors and
finds balance by being active in various sports. Ryan is a true believer in giving back
to the community and city that he has been so fortunate to serve and do business in, he
contributes his time and money to several youth charities in the Greater Toronto Area.

Bobby Puim

Bobby Puim has an accomplished background in building thriving teams, successful start-ups and establishing effective business systems. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Bobby became a licensed Chiropractor and started his own clinic at the age of 31 followed by an imaging center and launching his own bar a year later. While managing all three companies, he pivoted to the world of Real Estate and spent the next three years travelling across Canada educating and inspiring industry investors.

From his work on creating businesses that have grown into sustainable and scalable Seven-Figure earning models, to becoming a process automation specialist, to charitable work that has helped change the lives of children across North America, Bobby brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in a multitude of fields.

His passion is helping people find their purpose through disciplined self-reflection and introspection exercises. He is also deeply invested in creating systematic working structures for organizations and loves the opportunity to find Real Estate solutions for industry professionals whether they’re the newest agent, a seasoned expert, or the number one team in the country.

He currently serves as Vice President of Operations at REC Canada where he oversees all aspects of the company’s operations including finance & accounting, information technology (IT) infrastructure.

Cristina Elchyson

Cristina Elchyson serves as the Operational Director at Brokers Playbook, where she leverages her extensive cross-industry experience to enhance operational efficiencies and drive team performance.

With a robust background in project and program management, Cristina has consistently demonstrated her ability to lead with precision, fostering environments that encourage collaboration and exceed organizational objectives. Her strategic approach to operational leadership is underpinned by a comprehensive academic foundation; Cristina holds a double major in Forest Conservation Science and Environmental Studies, complemented by a minor in Environmental Biology from the University of Toronto.

This unique blend of scientific rigor and management acumen equips her to tackle complex challenges and spearhead innovative solutions within the dynamic landscape of real estate consultancy.

Her leadership philosophy centers on cultivating high-performing teams and optimizing business processes to deliver exceptional value to clients and stakeholders alike.