Ashley Cook, RE/MAX Avante

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Moncton, NB
Age: 32

There was a time not so long ago when Ashley Cook had plans to become a teacher. But when she realized teaching wasn’t for her, she turned to real estate. Cook is still educating people – quite a few of them, considering her continued success with RE/MAX Avante – but they just happen to be looking for houses.

Succeeding in a Moncton market that has been soft for a significant part of her eight-year career requires no shortage of perseverance, and maintaining a positive outlook has been key. “I believe in every situation, you either win or you learn,” Cook says. “There is no such thing as losing. On every sale, house showing and real estate experience, I try my best to look at what I did well and what I can do better next time. I can always be proud that I’ve done my best.”