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Association reveals new plan

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The Ontario Real Estate Association has laid out its strategy for the next four years, citing a need for change – this is what agents need to know.

OREA is at a crossroads: For decades it has been the main provider of education licensing in Ontario. However, that task will soon be passed onto the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

That, it seems, is part of the reason for OREA’s unveiled strategic plan – a way to show agents its dedication to furthering the industry in the Ontario, despite no longer offering an educational component.

“Ontario Realtors deserve strong representation at the provincial level. They deserve to know their dues are being spent wisely,” Ettore Cardarelli, OREA president, said. “OREA’s board of directors has charted a new path so our members see practical benefits every single day.”

OREA has unveiled four goals for the future;

  • Figuring out who does what and keep a consistent dialogue
  • Advance and promote the interest of Ontario Realtors
  • Enhance Realtors’ access to technology and innovation
  • Elevate the Realtor brand

Going forward, OREA has promised to clarify what roles its board and members play by providing better communication. It has also committed to a smaller senior management team and making its priority about advocacy more so than education.

In terms of technology, OREA has promised a proactive approach to identifying how technology can disrupt and shape the industry.

“OREA has taken bold steps forward to develop a smart strategy and prudent fiscal plan in the face of profound challenges,” Tim Hudak, OREA CEO, said. “We are transforming OREA to become the leading professional association in Ontario. Our members deserve that and our board expects it.”