Barbara Lawlor, Baker Real Estate

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Baker Real Estate
Toronto, ON

“Perseverance is omnipotent,” says Baker Real Estate CEO Barbara Lawlor. “Nobody wins all the time, but continuing to strive and bringing the best version of yourself to the table every day will work wonders.”

Lawlor has been embodying that philosophy at Baker since 1993. She has been instrumental in opening some of the company’s most successful offices and was the driving force behind its pre-construction condo marketing initiatives. In 2017, she received the Riley Brethour Award for Leadership.

Lawlor believes real estate has always been full of opportunity for women. “The education process is the same for both men and women, as are the networking opportunities,” she says. “Certain pockets of the industry, like commercial and industrial, may still belong to the old boys’ club, but their days are numbered.”