Bill Laidler, RE/MAX Sabre Realty

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Bill Laidler earned more commissions in one month last year than many realtors take home in a lifetime. It was just the latest in a series of accomplishments for the young Laidler, who has resided in RE/MAX’s top 1% of agents since 2016.

Five years into his life as a realtor, Laidler has learned to stay focused on his team’s business plan and not get distracted by the next shiny new object. “There are always new marketing strategies pitched to us as agents,” he says. “Any time a new technique is introduced it takes time and money away from our current business plan. It's important to stay ahead of the market but we are careful not to always be changing course.” To help with this issue, Laidler limits his team to three new “rocks” to implement each quarter. “This keeps us focused on our core service and allows us to grow at a steady pace.”