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1 September 2023
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The Playbook to Close 3 Deals in 30 Days: It’s

It's time to open the Broker's Playbook!  In the real estate industry, the challenges are as numerous as the opportunities. Agents find themselves in a perpetual cycle of client meetings, property evaluations, and administrative tasks. The pressure to stay ahead of market trends and deliver top-notch service to clients is a constant, leaving many in…
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1 September 2023
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Invaluable Resources: Revolutionizing the Real Estate Professional’s Landscape

Navigating the complexities of the real estate sector can often lead to inefficiency and roadblocks—long drives to various sales locations, endless calls with unidentified sales teams, and the constant search for current data.
30 August 2023

Generate Agent Leads: 10 Cutting-Edge Strategies for the Modern Canadian

In the bustling Canadian real estate market, the ability to generate leads is essential for thriving in the industry. Modern realtors are confronted with multifaceted challenges, including an increasingly saturated market and the relentless pace of technological advancements. Social Media Marketing In the context of Canada's vibrant real estate market, social media has emerged as…
28 August 2023

The Weekend Hustle: Do Realtors Really Take Days Off?

For many REALTORS®, the traditional concept of a weekend doesn't apply. For many successful Realtors, the old familiar notion of a two-day break is usually replaced by open houses, client meetings, and negotiations. This relentless schedule leads to a common belief that real estate professionals are always on the clock, never truly taking a day…
25 August 2023

Best Real Estate CRMs for 2023: Tailored Solutions for Agents

As we enter 2023, the Canadian real estate market continues to thrive, and technology is playing an increasingly vital role.  Though Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has existed in real estate for decades, there have been some significant improvements over the last few years. The need for tailored CRM solutions for Canadian agents and brokers has…
Streamline Your Real Estate Sales
18 August 2023
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Fire Up and Streamline Your Real Estate Sales to New

As a real estate professional, your job is to serve your clients in the best way possible. With so many builders, projects, and sales centers scattered around, keeping track of everything can be difficult. That's where Broker's Playbook comes in. Explicitly designed for realtors, sales representatives, real estate agents, and brokers, this platform is like…