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Boost your web presence with better video

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Using video is a great way to boost your online presence, and with sites like YouTube and Vimeo, it’s even easier to market your services with this medium – for free. But with millions and millions of videos uploaded every day, it’s hard to find your way through the noise.

Here are our tips for making videos that really stand out.

Content is King
Your video has to engage viewers and offer them something different, otherwise they won’t watch. Prince Edward Island-based Realtor Michael Poczynek uses his YouTube channel to offer advice on hosting a successful open house, while veteran Realtor Barry Lebow explains how other agents can find their niches.
Finding a good mix between strictly selling and big-picture marketing is key. You won’t find new clients if all you do is post videos showcasing homes for sale. Toronto agents Justin Kua and Ira Jelinek, for example, use their individual YouTube channels to chat about the state of the real estate industry, to provide client testimonials and to showcase listings.

Keep it short! These online video platforms aren’t intended for long in-depth shows. Your video shouldn’t be longer than three to four minutes – under two minutes is best.

What does SEO even mean? It stands for search engine optimization, and the topic covers everything you can do to help Google, Yahoo and Bing find your video. First, use smart keywords. Check to see how effective the keywords you currently use are by doing a search with those words to see what comes up. If nothing does, rethink your use of that term.

SEO also extends to the title of your video. Using strong keywords in the title will make it easier for Google to recommend your video.

The text around videos – descriptions, for example – also factor into SEO. Use those keywords in the video description, and don’t be afraid to write a long paragraph. Google and YouTube use that description to market your video to the most appropriate audience, so the more they know about your video, the better they can meet your target audience.

Sharing your Video
YouTube isn’t the only place to put your video. Embed the video on your own site, and share it on Twitter and Facebook. Industry forums are also a great place to promote your video, but be careful about what you post. Since real estate forums are often filled with industry peers, people will be a lot more critical. It’s important that the video you choose to share is relevant to your viewers.

Don’t be afraid to ask viewers to share your video and to subscribe to your channel. Promote the fact that you have other videos that your audience is likely to find just as informative and entertaining.