Closing gifts agents might consider for successful transactions

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Closing gifts are one of the concrete ways agents show their appreciation for clients with successful transactions. Aside from an opportunity to relax the rigid professionalism that often comes with a sale, the right closing gifts ensure client loyalty, repeat business, and greater commissions in the long run. Here are a few of the most effective gift types to consider, without crossing over to the realm of “too personal” (and scaring clients away in the process).

Decorative items with a personal touch, such as a custom dog portrait for a client with a beloved pet or a Buddha earring set for one who is interested in Oriental culture, allow an agent’s name to remain in the minds of his or her customers. In these cases, thoughtfulness is a tool not to be underestimated.

Does the client happen to be a sports enthusiast? A high-performance bicycle fully furnished with accessories and security features can be one of the better options. Aside from facilitating a passion for intense activity, a bicycle’s multifunctionality ensures that its usefulness would keep the agent’s name in the mind of the client.

Parties for clients with high net worth are great for events such as public holidays. Options like as housewarming celebrations have the added benefit of face time with the client’s friends and loved ones. Veer away from potentially intrusive choices such as birthdays and anniversaries, however.

Round trips
For the most impressive transactions, seats on chartered flights to scenic locales and tourist spots are a viable option. Upon the completion of a $15-million sale, California real estate agent Christophe Choo spent around $30,000 out of his pocket for an all-expenses-paid round trip to Las Vegas for his clients (as well as himself).
“My business is 70% repeat clients. Creating memories is important,” Choo told The Wall Street Journal when attesting to the effectiveness of the expensive strategy.