Cody Kraus, Century 21 Erie Shores Realty

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Century 21 Erie Shores Realty
Kingsville, ON
Age: 27 

Since Cody Kraus’ career began at 18, his dedication to providing quality service has been steadfast. Kraus walks with his clients every step of the way, striving to be not just their real estate agent, but also their trusted advisor and aide.   

With his unwavering commitment to educating clients, Kraus dedicates much of his time to keeping everyone up-to-date on current market changes and trends. “Becoming an expert in local real estate trends helps [my clients] capitalize on the sale and acquisition of properties with advice catered specifically to their unique personal scenario,” he says.

Kraus’ expertise on niche lending practices also gives him an edge on his competition, helping him become a team lead and rank as one of Century 21’s top 1% agents in Canada.