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Duke Pham, Century 21 Atria Realty

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Toronto, ON
Age: 28

Duke Pham’s decade of retail sales experience has been a major factor in his rise at Century 21 Atria. Pham recently started his own team, The Wolf Pack, which is already 11 agents strong. Halfway through 2018, the team was Century 21’s seventh-ranked team in the country.

Already a Centurion Award winner and recent Agent of the Year, Pham says knowing how to sell real estate largely depends on knowing how to sell, period. “Once you jump in, even if you do well, you might interact with about 20 to 30 different clients a year.” But Pham, who dealt with more than 100 different people a day in his previous career, says being exposed to the inevitable rejection has allowed him to stay composed in any situation.