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Elite Women 2019

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Last fall, REP and Canadian Real Estate Wealth hosted their first ever Women In Real Estate event in Mississauga, Ontario. A casual yet inspiring affair, it brought together a diverse selection of speakers from across the real estate spectrum and attracted an engaged and enthusiastic audience of agents, mortgage professionals, real estate investors and more.

The ideas explored were important and the relationships established fruitful, but the most striking element of WIRE, and one many attendees commented on, was the atmosphere. If you have never had the opportunity to walk into a room filled only with intelligent, ambitious women, you are missing out on a truly eye-opening experience. No competition. No ego. The air freed of the superiority complexes so common to industry events, replaced with a palpable feeling of cooperation.

Women, when they are allowed to be and to express themselves, are a creative, innovative and supportive force to be reckoned with. The evidence of which can be found in every corner of the real estate industry. Their empathy inspires fresh, effective solutions; their dedication – to clients, to their communities – can literally change lives.

REP would like to congratulate the 50 outstanding professionals who made it into this year’s installment of Elite Women. We received more nominations for Elite Women than we have for any other feature REP has ever produced. We’re not surprised: When women succeed, women rejoice. Everyone should.


Honorable Mentions

With so many deserving nominees, we couldn’t possibly fit everyone into this year’s edition of Elite Women. In addition to our 50 finalists, REP would like to acknowledge the accomplishments of the following superstars.