Equifax advances ‘Data Democracy’ through Equifax Ignite™

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TORONTO, ONTARIO–(March 9, 2017) – Equifax (NYSE:EFX) today announced the launch of Equifax Ignite™, a data analytics powerhouse that can rapidly deliver business insights in a self-serve environment.

"Harnessing both structured and unstructured data can be a tremendous challenge for businesses. Equifax Ignite enables a true data democracy – where we're bringing multi-sourced data in one place and then providing access to it at all levels of our clients' organizations, when and where it is needed," said Bill Johnston, Vice-President Data & Analytics at Equifax. "From data scientists who will benefit from direct access to our data warehouse, to executives and managers who want to be able to visualize data through 'apps' on their laptops, we're offering customers greater access to our data and helping them generate insights in the format that best suits their needs."

Through advanced analytics such as trended payment data and enhanced risk scores, Equifax Ignite enables the development of precise, targeted insights about consumer behaviours that can help businesses solve complex challenges and make better decisions at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

"Three years ago we challenged ourselves to think differently about data. It meant simplifying and speeding up everything, from how we access and manage diverse data sources to the development, testing and deployment of business-specific analytics, scores and models. We know the new capabilities that Equifax Ignite represents may be the missing link for many organizations that have been looking for efficient methods to generate insights for better risk and marketing decisions," said Chris Briggs, Chief Marketing Officer, Equifax.

According to Briggs, Equifax Ignite supercharges the company's ability to develop "configurable scores and solutions" with the speed and ease of off-the-shelf products. For example, a solution which could once take months to be in-market can now be ready in weeks or even days.

For those clients who want to be in the pilot seat for specific types of analytics, Equifax has also developed two new data access options. Both environments have data visualization tools that make it easy to derive actionable business insights quickly and effectively.

  • Equifax Ignite Marketplace™ – Solutions are delivered in the form of downloadable apps that can be leveraged for visualizing and digesting applicable data, benchmarks, and trends across multiple industries.
  • Equifax Ignite Direct™ – This high-speed solution allows users to conduct their own analytics using direct access to our data warehouse, our attributes, and analytical tools. Seamless integration enables teams to self-serve as they build, test and deploy models that suit their unique needs. This will appeal to clients who have sophisticated analytics shops in house where access to data and Equifax tools can significantly enhance their own capabilities.

In the universe of data-driven insights, Equifax Ignite offers expanded capabilities to help propel the creation of high-performing business strategies for thousands of Canadian businesses. With tools that enable comprehensive and holistic views of the customer lifecycle – and through improved data access, transparency, visualization and deployment – Equifax offers a world of data in an even more powerful form.

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