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Farhana Kabir – Deservia Realty

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Brampton, ON

Prior to founding Deservia Realty in 2013, Farhana Kabir was a multi-award-winning RE/MAX agent. She now leads an all-female brokerage dedicated to “encouraging women to believe in their potential and maximize opportunities at all times.” Thanks to Kabir’s support and tutelage, a number of Deservia employees have already gone on to realize their dreams in both real estate sales and mortgages.

Real estate has come a long way from its male-dominated roots. Kabir says the process can be accelerated by women referring business to other female entrepreneurs and pooling their ideas rather than competing with one another. “Deservia is a big supporter of women in business in general,” Kabir says, “so we don’t mind sharing our business expertise within and outside of our industry.”