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Frank Polsinello, RE/MAX Realtron Polsinello Realty

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Frank Polsinello is one of the most accomplished and respected real estate agents in the industry today. With more than 30 years of experience in the business, Polsinello feels he knows the secret of success: "It's about hands-on involvement," he says. "I take my business very personally."

Polsinello prides himself on being directly involved with all aspects of a sale or purchase, and with the clients themselves. "I work tirelessly and put forth a lot of effort to make sure my clients' properties get seen by the right buyers," he says. Teamwork and mentorship are at the heart of Polsinello’s team’s strength and achievements. “It is personally important to me to inspire the careers of every one of my team members to ensure their successful trajectory in one of the most challenging real estate markets in the world,” he says.