Gary Khind, Bucci Developments Limited

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Bucci Developments Limited
Vancouver, BC
Age: 31

“Living in British Columbia, real estate is hard to ignore,” says Gary Khind. Early on he was exposed to the construction industry by his father, and the industry fueled Khind’s interest in real estate, prompting him to get licensed at 17 years old.

Khind came to see the industry from a different lens when he became an auditor for the Real Estate Council of British Columbia. Now that he has pursued a career in real estate development, the skills Khind has acquired are put to good use. “I am able to apply both my soft skills and technical skills on a daily basis which is very empowering,” he says. “I owe a lot of my success to date to the brilliant people who have supported me and helped me grow. Technical skills aren't as important as people skills. [In] working with clients, consultants, stakeholders and colleagues, communication is always at the forefront. Active listening and being able to convey your messages clearly are important life skills.”