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If there’s one thing real estate sales agents wouldn’t mind seeing less of, it’s paper.

DocuSign, an electronic signatures company, has exploded in popularity in recent years, thanks to the convenience proffered to real estate professionals.

“One of our brokers spends $500 a month on paper and this is a way to reduce that,” said Christine Sugimoto, senior product marketing manager at DocuSign. “As a lot of realtors know, they have a lot of paper to deal with or scan, or drive over to a client’s house to deliver for a signature, then go over to the mortgage lender or title and escrow office. That ends up being a lot of wasted time and it’s not a very good experience for customers because those meetings usually happen after dinner and late at night when they’re trying to relax from a day’s work.”

However, that doesn’t have to be the case. DocuSign uses the same grade of security used for online banking and other sensitive online platforms. While clients can certainly appreciate that, so, too, should sales agents, brokers and brokerages.

“Being able to finalize electronically and send over those documents for review really saves agents a lot of time, which can be spent getting more clients or closing other deals,” said Sugimoto. “It also gives clients comfort signing.”

Indeed, considering everything these days is done electronically and on-demand, there’s nary a reason something as innocuous as a signature cannot be done expeditiously.

DocuSign will be sponsoring a Real Estate Professional webinar—which will be moderated by Tim Hudak, CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association and former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario—wherein the benefits of technology will be expounded.

In fact, the majority of DocuSign users complete, on average, 25 more real estate transactions a year than the average U.S. sales representative.

“What DocuSign helps them do is the arduous process of paperwork, but at their convenience, rather than having to drive to someone’s house or office to do that stuff,” said Sugimoto. “We also help agents and brokerages collaborate. We have DocuSign Transaction Rooms, which help brokers and agents keep track of all their documents.”

The Real Estate Professional webinar will be hosting on Wednesday July 25th at 2PM


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