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Hot List 2015

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WELCOME TO Real Estate Professional’s inaugural Hot List. We asked you, the real estate community, to pass on your suggestions for who should be included on this list of the industry’s most successful, most engaging and most innovative people. From CEOs and presidents of major brokerages to local heroes, the names came flooding in. 

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of Canada’s influential players, we’ve narrowed it down to 150 people we think merit a mention for their stellar achievements over the past year.

Our picks run the gamut, from individual agents and teams boasting hundreds of millions of dollars in personal production to CEOs whose innovations are helping revitalize the industry. In the following pages, you’ll meet a marketing superstar, tech-centric sales reps, and an exec who’s been nationally recognized for his contributions to the advancement of franchise opportunities. Everyone on our Hot List has one thing in common – they’re all changing the face of the Canadian real estate industry.