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Hunny Gawri, RE/MAX Real Estate Centre, My Investment Brokers

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Hunny Gawri sold over 200 properties in 2018 at a time when most Toronto-based agents were seeing their bottom lines shrivel. Gawri’s experience as an investor has been key to his consistent growth; when investors are the only ones with money to spend, they’re going to trust their own kind. “Knowing first-hand the potential for creating wealth through real estate, I was driven to use my knowledge to help others create wealth for their families and their futures,” he says.

Gawri, who sells alongside fellow Top Agent Michael Jawanda, spent much of 2018 creating a better customer service experience for their hundreds of clients. “We want to provide answers at any given time,” he says, adding that the duo’s website now lets clients see the scope and status of each project they are selling.