Jennifer Ziegler, RE/MAX Real Estate Centre

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Kitchener, ON
Age: 33

The Kitchener- Waterloo market has been anywhere from simmering to boiling for the past three years, and Jennifer Ziegler has been bringing the new onslaught of buyers the service and integrity they deserve. A multiple award winner, Ziegler says authenticity continues to be a major component of her success. “Too often we try to replicate others’ success and are upset when it doesn’t work,” she says. “When I committed to always doing things my own way, I found more success than I could have ever imagined.”

Ziegler has managed to build a thriving business while experiencing some significant life changes. Last year, she gave birth to her second son and had her best year as an agent. “I want to set an example for my two boys that their mom is a strong, driven businesswoman who works hard to help others,” Ziegler says.