Kaleb Streeter, Exit Lifestyle Realty, Orillia

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Exit Lifestyle Realty, Orillia
Orillia, ON
Age: 32

Two-time REP Young Gun recipient Kaleb Streeter worked hard to ensure that career setbacks didn’t stop him from achieving success. “I fought really hard to get here,” he says. “I faced some adversity in my real estate career over the last two years but am blessed to come out on top.”

For four years now Streeter has been on the leading edge of Orillia’s sales game, bolstering his reputation in the business by maintaining a positive outlook and putting his clients’ needs first. “Real estate is about mindset and making sure you maintain a positive attitude through whatever comes your way,” Streeter says. “I’ve learned that the clients value your ability to serve them more than they value the brokerage you work for.”