Karen Cox – OREA/Sea & Ski Realty

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Grey Highlands, ON

A pillar of the real estate community for over 25 years, Karen Cox is currently pulling double duty as the owner/broker of record at Sea &Ski Realty and as president of the Ontario Real Estate Association, a position that sees her interacting with the provincial government and other high-level decision makers in her efforts to raise the industry’s professional standards and build stronger communities across Ontario. Cox has a deep history with OREA, having won the group’s Volunteer of the Year Award in 2011, sitting on its Board of Directors since 2015 and serving as the Chair of its crucial Finance/Audit Committee for 2016-2017.

While Cox is Karen is proud of the number of women in the industry, she says both the commercial sector and organized real estate would benefit from more female representation. Women, she says, “bring a different skillset to the table. They bring compassion and an understanding when assisting buyers and sellers in one of the largest financial decisions of their lives.”