Kathy Talbot, Dan Gemus Real Estate Team

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Dan Gemus Real Estate Team
Amherstburg, ON

Kathy Talbot might not work in one of Canada’s most glamorous markets, but she has been one of the country’s steadiest, most trusted agents for the past 23 years. For much of that time, she has been completed between 80 and 100 transactions a year – a track record that agents in larger markets would kill for.

Talbot has had the opportunity to mentor several young women over the years, helping them succeed in an industry she feels is theirs for the taking. “I meet very successful women every day who are strong, independent leaders in this industry, who have inspired me to grow and think outside the box,” she says. “There are no limits in this industry. It’s exciting and rewarding, and there are always opportunities to keep growing and learning.”