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Leah Ambler – RE/MAX Professionals Inc.

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Etobicoke, ON

Some in the industry may have been surprised when Leah Ambler bought RE/MAX Professionals at the ripe old age of 30, but for those who had been following her career – Platinum Club in her second year as an agent, the youngest broker in the RE/MAX system – it was simply another leap forward for a young woman whose tireless hard work has put her on the path to greatness.

“I do everything I can to help my agents develop,” Ambler says, “so they can stand apart, make sales and reap the rewards.”

Ambler feels women with families should never be forced to compromise their professional goals. “The woman shouldn't feel like she has to do it all in the workplace and at home. Success is about finding a good balance. Coming to terms with that will actually help improve her performance in every aspect of her life.”