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New approach upends Alberta’s real estate industry

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Redline Real Estate Group is upending Calgary’s real estate industry and it has designs on the rest of the country.

The decade-old brokerage has over 100 agents and various in-house departments—including marketing, graphic design, videography and photography—and leverages them in creative ways to move clients’ properties. One reason Redline has become a leading brokerage in Alberta is the support it provides its agents, who in turn efficiently sell clients’ properties.

“Every agent at our brokerage also has an agent concierge, who is an administrator working with them to keep documentation together and keep track of things during the listing and sale process for the client,” said Brett Turner, Redline Real Estate Group’s president and broker of record. “The idea behind our model is to have the brokerage actively involved in our agents’ businesses to help them as much as we can so they can help their clients buy and sell homes. Brokerages are content to charge agents fees for merely being at the brokerage without adding any value back to the agent’s business. We work with our realtors to do things that free up their time, namely marketing and administration, so that they can do what they should be doing, which is working with their clients and not rethinking the marketing wheel.”

Redline has already expanded to Ontario and set up a Brantford office that has over 40 agents in it. That’s just the beginning, according to Turner. Asked what sets Redline apart from the competition, he said:

“They get training every day of the week here from our leadership. Our technology platform is fantastic for in-office communication, our agents’ abilities to access to a concierge or a broker. We’re industry leaders when it comes to creating a collaborative sales culture and we’re getting results. We’re already one of the biggest in Alberta, and we’re still growing.”

Using a combination of video and professional photographs, as well as outside-of-the-box digital marketing, Redline’s clientele gets maximum exposure for their listings.

“We use Instagram, Facebook and a pile of other websites for internet-based marketing that really allows that additional level of exposure,” said Turner.

Another interesting facet of Redline Real Estate Group’s operations is that its marketing efforts are frequently enlisted by local developers. That also gives the firm sales exclusivity for their developments.

“We do a lot of new construction work for condo developers where we can be their entire marketing department and it saves them the cost of carrying that overhead,” said Turner. “We have divisions within our brokerage that allow agents to have expertise in certain fields so that they shine brighter.”