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Newsletters for real estate marketing

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Marketing tools the real estate industry needs to know about

The housing market is hotter than ever in Canada and while there may be a lack of supply when it comes to homes, there is no shortage of real estate agents. There has never been a more important time for realtors to market their services and expertise to prospective buyers and sellers.

One of the most undervalued marketing tools to gain new and past clients in this industry is real estate newsletters. And that’s not in reference to those flyers that are on everyone’s front porch and become a nuisance to every homeowner ever. No – those almost always make it to the recycling bin before anyone bothers to read them.

Real estate agents need to employ creativity and ingenuity when looking for more leads in a highly competitive market. After all, they are competing against other agents just as fiercely as active buyers are competing against each other in bidding wars.

Real estate is intense right now, and even that is an understatement. So, it’s crucial to employ valuable information and marketing techniques to stand out from the crowd. Here is what every realtor needs to know about marketing their services in the local real estate market.

Email newsletter service for real estate agents, featuring a digital newsletter layout.

Why do real estate agents need a real estate newsletter service?

In order to build relationships in the local market, a real estate agent should have a marketing plan in place. While old-school direct mail may not have as much punch as it used to, that doesn’t mean one should give up on the concept of newsletters entirely. Email marketing has become very effective in recent years, so there’s no reason why email newsletters shouldn’t be considered.

When agents interact with buyers and sellers, the relationship usually ends after closing. However, digital newspapers help put the focus on repeat business. For instance, if you’re a realtor who makes an effort to keep in touch with your previous clients, they will be more likely to remember you and consider your service should they ever be in the market again.

The goal is to stay top-of-mind for both existing and new clients. And in a world that is increasingly digital, it makes sense for a realtor’s marketing techniques to follow suit.

The benefits of a monthly real estate newsletter

In addition to ensuring a realtor remains memorable for their clients, there are many other benefits to sending out real estate newsletter content at least once a month. If you are an agent, here are five reasons why you should consider releasing a real estate email newsletter.

1. Newsletters will drive traffic to your website

As a real estate agent, having a website is simply not enough in this day and age. You also need to put a real estate marketing plan in place that will encourage people to visit your website. A real estate agent newsletter is a great way to do this. With this form of communication, you have the ability to include links to your website or your social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. People will be more interested if you promise them something of value like blog posts on how to navigate through the housing market or how to undertake home renovations, as well as information on new listings. The goal is to get clicks, and newsletters with market updates will be sure to get quite a few. The more people you have visiting your site, the more leads you collect, and the more deals you close.

2. A real estate email newsletter will boost your engagement rate

If you’re not familiar, engagement rates are metrics used to assess the average number of interactions your content receives per follower or subscriber. In order to calculate the rate, you would take the total number of interactions on your content, divide that by your total number of followers, and then multiply that by 100%. In general, email newsletters tend to rank higher than other marketing channels, including social media. That is why a real estate newsletter subscription is so beneficial. If you have information or knowledge to share with home buyers or want to keep them informed on upcoming events, they’re most likely to see your market update via your newsletter when compared to anywhere else.

3. Real estate email newsletters allow you to create your own brand

In the era of social media influencers and brand personalities, real estate agents must also follow suit. While you may believe your service to be better than the competition, you ultimately need your clients to believe that as well. Establishing a brand voice, and personalized marketing strategies will allow you to seem more authentic and appealing than other realtors. Consumers need to be shown what sets you apart and real estate newsletters are the perfect opportunity to do that. Be sure that your content is infused with your persona or even consider releasing a video newsletter in addition to your other content. Your clients will be more likely to trust your market updates if they feel like they know you on a personal level.

4. Real estate newsletter content can be personalized

Today’s consumers know what they want and when they want it. If you want to stay relevant to existing and new subscribers, it’s important to recognize that you need to deliver information exactly how they want it. The nature of the real estate business is to serve both buyers and sellers. When you release your monthly newsletter, be sure to personalize it with the latest tips or articles with topics related to what may intrigue your audience on an individual basis. Luckily, there are many different software options available that allow you to create personalized email newsletters with relevant content. Showing your potential clients that you care about their needs and what they want to see is one of the best ways to generate new leads.

5. These particular types of newsletters will keep your service top of mind

As mentioned above, there is a lot of competition in the real estate market. Agents definitely need to think ahead to stay on top of their business and ensure a steady stream of clients. While traditional newsletters are more likely to annoy people, email marketing has made it possible to put your services out there in a way that is both helpful to clients and beneficial for your business. We, as a society, check our emails multiple times on any given day. We have access to email platforms on our computers, tablets and phones – making it almost impossible to miss a notification. If you are regularly sending out a real estate newsletter, clients will be more likely to remember you – you’ll remain at the top of their minds if they are ever interested in buying or selling.

Engaging real estate newsletter, highlighting the benefits for realtors and clients.

Elements of the best real estate newsletters

Now that it has been determined why real estate newsletters are so beneficial for realtors, it would be good to know what elements should be included in yours. If you’re looking for real estate newsletter ideas to elevate your email marketing techniques, here is what your newsletter should consist of:

1. An engaging subject line

Did you know that subject lines are five times more likely to be read than the online real estate newsletter itself? It is crucial that when you’re thinking of real estate newsletter ideas, you should spend a good amount of time brainstorming a captivating subject line. After all, if a reader doesn’t find the focus of your newsletter engaging and relevant to them, they likely won’t bother opening the email to read it. You need to offer your subscribers a reason to read ahead and the subject lines are often the first impression. If you need help getting started, always be sure to begin answering the questions of:

  • Who (ex. who does the real estate newsletter focus on?)
  • What (ex. what is the main message of the articles?)
  • When (ex. when is this market update occurring?)
  • Where (ex. where are the local events taking place?)
  • Why (ex. why is such a newsletter being released?)

2. An appealing title

In addition to subject lines, titles also hold a lot of value in a real estate newsletter template. Rather than simply entitle your newsletter “Monthly Real Estate Email Newsletter”, you need to employ your creativity and come up with a title that states the purpose of your newsletter. Your goal is to gain the reader’s attention so that they ultimately come to you if they are thinking of buying or selling a home. Your newsletter is meant to promote the service you are trying to sell, which is your expert realtor knowledge and insight. It is good for your name to be included in the email marketing tool, as well as a specific location and who you are trying to help. Examples of potential titles include:

John Doe’s Renovation Tips For Increasing Home Values In The GTA

This title speaks to a particular type of client – one who is thinking about undertaking a home renovation. Your real estate newsletter can also include before pictures of homes, as well as the finished product. This can even create interest for future transformation articles.

Jane Doe’s Monthly Guide To Downtown Condos

Having a real estate newsletter that focuses on the downtown core in Toronto might not be helpful for your entire database, but it will undoubtedly be appreciated by those interested in listings in the major city. The title identifies the type of client you are looking to help, which can further enforce which business you are hoping to attract. Additionally, this will more efficiently convert leads and determine who is looking to buy or sell in that area.

3. An organized layout

If your real estate newsletter template is not organized, there is a good chance you won’t be getting many readers. In addition to that, you could also even end up losing subscribers in the process. Whenever you release any form of communication with your clients, as a realtor you should ensure that it looks and sounds professional. The organizational aspect is key. There are a variety of free templates you can use online but be sure to choose one that goes best with your theme. For example, if you’re releasing a local events newsletter centred around the local market, you should organize all your information and insight to align with that.

4. A call to action

When it comes to real estate newsletter ideas, there is no doubt that you need a strong call to action (CTA). A CTA is a marketing term that is designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale. Perhaps the intention of your newsletter is to reach out to those who want to sell their property. Or maybe you want to make potential buyers aware of listings in their desired neighbourhood. If you’re sending out digital mail and taking the time to produce quality content, you need to direct your readers on what they should do after reading. To gain their business, you need to tell them whether they should call you, email you or visit your website for more information. Make your call to action simple but clear. And ensure each newsletter only has one CTA.

5. Easy to find/read contact information

So you’ve included a call to action in your newsletter, but how will your subscribers get in touch with you if they need further information about your content? That is why it is crucial to include your contact information. Many newsletter templates available online make it easy to automatically add your telephone number, email address, website link and any other social media platforms you may have. Be sure to make it as simple as possible for potential clients to get in touch with you because they likely won’t go out of their way to find your contact information if it isn’t already provided.

Other important real estate newsletter ideas and tips

Know that building relationships is essential

As with any business, consumers want to feel like they can trust your service. And trust is built over a period of time. If you’ve been sending out consistent, informative and useful newsletters for a while, they are more likely to reach out. Not every subscriber will turn into a sale, but there’s a good chance that a fair percentage will. Continue to be diligent and nurture your relationship with readers – it will pay off in the long run.

Offer advice on recurring questions

What are some of the main concerns your clients have had in the past? Make a list and consider focusing a newsletter on each of them. If people have been consistently asking you similar questions, it’s likely that your readers might have those same concerns. By providing clarity and insight on a generally confusing topic, potential clients will find value in what you have to say. If they find your advice valuable, then they might even reach out to you directly for your services.

Be consistent with your newsletter releases

If you commit to sending a monthly newsletter about real estate, be sure that it is released on time every month. While life happens and unavoidable setbacks or delays can occur, it’s important to be as consistent as possible. When a realtor only sends out newsletters sporadically, it can indicate their lack of dedication to their clients – which won’t go over well if the goal is to actually gain their attention. There are quite a few programs you can consider for your real estate newsletter. Some services even allow you to set a schedule and will automatically send it to all your subscribers on a specific date. Be consistent and be on time.

A real estate email newsletter is a great marketing tool for any realtor

For the average person, it can definitely be difficult to stay up to date on all the events occurring in the world of real estate. It seems like house prices are reaching heights we never imagined and many potential buyers feel like they’re on a never-ending rollercoaster of emotions. The insight and knowledge of a professional in the industry could prove to be more valuable than you realize.

If you’re a real estate agent, there has never been a better time to begin marketing your services. A real estate newsletter is a great place to start. Not only can you offer information to new and existing clients, but you can also build lasting relationships. Clients will engage with your quality content and in turn, that will positively impact your reputation in the industry.

Hire a real estate marketing company to create engaging newsletters for you

Sometimes, realtors don’t have time to create their own real estate newsletters, and that’s okay! That’s why you can always rely on a professional marketing service to do this for you. Our partner, Merged Real Estate Marketing, can help you achieve your goals with effective newsletter marketing tactics that are up to date and completely tailored to you. Learn more when you contact them today!