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When it comes to putting together a successful Real Estate practice, there are three major components; Identity (Brand), Knowledge (Skillsets), and Connections (Strategic Partners). Leveraging years of experience and feedback, Broker’s Playbook helps motivated agents perform at their absolute best through our proven Trifecta Cycle.

To create a distinct identity and transform your value in a marketplace packed with competition, check out our Branding & Marketing Partners, as well as out Content Creation Partners.

To build the skills and habits required to succeed and create a profitable book of business, Brokers Playbook Training is your certain path to winning. For those who are looking to scale an already successful book of business, our Broker’s Playbook Coaching Partners are here and ready to serve you with knowledge, integrity and ethos.

Our Partners section also includes the best and most reliable “Gifting” providers. These companies have products and services that are used to create memorable, genuine and lasting connections with our clients and create referrals and recommendations for life.

Experts that work together, win together. Connecting like-minded realtors, team leaders, and admin staff is just one part of the Broker’s Playbook Collaboration Program.

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When it comes to your brand, the question is always why. Why are you in the real estate business? Why are you diffrent from anyone else in the industry? And most importantly, why should your clientele put their biggest purchase in your hands? Broker’s Playbook is here to help unite those core values. We partner with some of the top agencies that develop remarkable brands with strategic and innovative solutions.

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It's All About Reputation, Recognition, And Relationships.
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M Industries

M Industries is a Toronto based branding and marketing agency led by Sabaina Malik. Their goal is to innovate business identity, develop marketing strategy, build brand identity and messaging to position realtors, mortgage brokers, and entrepreneurs for success. Working alongside their clientele, the team collaborates with agencies, consultants and creatives to elevate their clients’ businesses and help them achieve new professional goals. Together, they immerse themselves in the current brand, then develop a strategic roadmap to deliver extraordinary results.



From the Ground Up (FTGU) delivers sales solutions designed with salespeople in mind. These services range from courses to 1-on-1 training, to lead management systems, to media production, and more!



Chances are you know you should be producing video content, but you haven’t done anything yet. That means there’s something holding you back.

Are you concerned about your appearance or how your voice sounds? Maybe you are hesitant that you might say something inaccurate or that trolls will troll. Perhaps you consider yourself a perfectionist and can’t seem to get past posting anything that isn’t cinematic quality. Or, is it that you simply think content is egotistical or conversely, you don’t think anyone would care what you have to say anyway?

FTGU Content Coaching will help you set aside your fears and provide you with the tools you need to make content creation FUN, which will give you the type of return you’re looking for.

Our coaches will hold your hand, contribute real feedback and provide you with the accountability you need to get started on video. You’ll then leave with the resources and skills to go at it alone.


Our Coaching Partners

We encourage individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and empower their strengths. That’s why Brokers Playbook has partnered with the leading coaches in the industry to help you achieve the unimaginable. As a new or growing real estate agent, you have what it takes to become a top producer but getting there can be difficult without a coach by your side. Boost your career and get one-on-one guidance from the best in the business by contacting one of our trusted coaching specialists today.


Administered by flat-out rock stars in the field, the Coaching programs from Workman Success Systems is customized for your needs and includes access to all the tools in their training center. You’ll not only get one-on-one coaching in how to excel but with regular follow-ups and mentoring sessions, you’ll have the accountability that makes all the difference. The results that follow are nothing short of astounding.


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For over 8 years, KBCC has specialized in building and maintaining profitable real estate teams by offering coaching programs that are completely customized to meet an agent or team leader’s needs. Everything covered is tested and measured by their own sales team. Their consulting helps refine and master sales systems, conversion techniques, mindset, and performance for you or your agents.

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Richard Robbins International

Richard Robbins International’s real estate business coaching methodology has helped over 10,000 real estate professionals achieve unimaginable production levels and lead a life they love. Their approach combines proven strategy with personal performance concepts to help clients achieve consistent breakthrough results in business, all while building a lifestyle of their dreams.

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Giving is the Gift You Give Yourself.

For real estate agents, expressing gratitude to clients with a gift has been a long-standing tradition when closing a transaction. Gifts are not only a great gesture of appreciation, but they also leave a lasting impression with clientele and serve as a reminder of the wise decision they made to trust you with their home or commercial property.

Broker’s Playbook partners with many fantastic vendors who specialize in Closing Gifts for realtors. Here are some of our favourites.


Since 2020, Sierra Whiskey Leatherworks has specialized in custom leather items, made to order. Their long-lasting, tailored approach is ideal for those looking to purchase high-quality, authentic leather with a personalized touch.

Take a look at their collection here: Sierra Whiskey Leatherworks

Dog House Brewing Company 

Dog House Brewing Company is a father-son, veteran-operated brewery. Located in Petawawa Dog House desires to share its vision to broaden the craft brewing industry in Petawawa, the Ottawa Valley, and all of Ontario while paying homage to the historic Garrison Petawawa.

Check out their collection of craft beer and apparel here: Dog House Brewing Company

Inspired by His Majesty The King’s vision and have created a strategy that is uniquely tailored for Canada.’s priorities are focused on preparing young people and members of the military and Veteran community for the transforming world of work, championing sustainable solutions for a green recovery and empowering our people and our partners to strengthen our collaborative efforts.

Support a Veteran Run Business, Social Program, or Get Involved here: