Ep. 50 – How to Leverage Content on Social Media w/ Matthew Campoli | Broker’s Playbook

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Ep. 50 – How to Leverage Content on Social Media w/ Matthew Campoli | Broker’s Playbook

Ep. 50 – How to Leverage Content on Social Media w/ Matthew Campoli | Broker’s Playbook

How to Leverage Content on Social Media

Simeon Papailias: Welcome to a brand new season of Brokers Playbook. This is Simeon Papailias. And today I have the great pleasure of interviewing one of the funniest men in the real estate business, Mr. Matt Campoli. Matt is a podcast host. He is a realtor. He is a true professional with a great and thriving book of business. He’s going to share with us today his playbook, what worked for him in 2022, what he plans on doing to continue to remain relevant in 2023, and how we can all take a page out of his playbook to put into our businesses and seek some of that same success he has experienced. Without further ado, here’s Matthew.

Matthew Campoli: Thank you so much.

Simeon Papailias: My absolute pleasure for joining me, my man.

Matthew Campoli: Can I take that and just make that my bio?

Simeon Papailias: You can make that your.

Matthew Campoli: Bio, bro. I would love to do that. Sent to my sister right now. But thanks for having me, man. I love your tonality and the way you speak. Well, I.

Simeon Papailias: Like. I appreciate that. Well, I mean, we’ve got to put emphasis on the things that matter in this case today.

Matthew Campoli: You matter. Thank you. My mom says the same.

Simeon Papailias: And I believe her.

Matthew Campoli: That’s about it, though.

Simeon Papailias: I want to get started on a really, really good foot for everyone listening. And what I mean by that, I want everyone to most again, as I said, there’s obviously a few people that have never heard of you, and that’s fine. There’s most people that have never heard of me just great. But by bringing you on here, what I want people to really get out of this, this time with us is how to create a brand. While maintaining a business. While delivering value to your clients. That is as impactful as the fun you seem to be having. While working. So it is a complex little value proposition that you’ve put in play. And I want to understand it furthermore, and I want you to tell me how you’ve intertwined entertainment. Business value to your brothers and sisters in the business. And align those with your goals. Yeah. Tell me a little bit about that.

Matthew Campoli: Yeah. So, I mean, growing up, I always secretly wanted to be on a TV show or something of that nature. Um. And then I went to school for history. Started a barber business. No real direction of where I want it to be until about 23 years old. There’s more. So like that time where I was just not knowing. I was just honing in on the skills that we’re working with. The barbering is just I’m a people person. I sit down with everyone like a chameleon that could be different background, age group interests, and I can just hold it down for half an hour every single time.

Simeon Papailias: And they want every half hour for that matter.

Matthew Campoli: Every half hour. Someone new. I can have 12 year old kid come in, then a 45 year old man, you know. But that allowed me to be quick on my feet, really go to the conversation to listen. And then. That woke up an entrepreneurial spirit in me, which I never had because I always had like a self doubt. So a combination of that and some self development work on myself started to build up the courage and the confidence to say, Oh, I could be something, you know. Fast forward, my mother bought her first house because we always rented growing up. So I went to the showing and I saw the agent pull up and his Mustang do his thing. I don’t even know anything about the business. I understood there was real real estate agents out there. But once I saw him do his thing, kind of put two and two together for myself, like I’ve built this great network for myself through barbering. I don’t want to teach history, which I was doing in university. I don’t want a ceiling for myself either. I’ll be able to make whatever.

Simeon Papailias: You had a Bachelor of Arts?

Matthew Campoli: I had a Bachelor of Arts. I just wasn’t content with the salaries out there. I thought of myself. I thought more for myself. So I saw this guy do his thing. I’m like, you know, I’m looking at this real estate gig and then looked into it, saw the potential. So perfect. Let me take the skills I just built for myself. Try this business out. And that was it. Everything I’ve been kind of doing, I’ve just been throwing myself in the deep end with the content, with everything the brand built, everything. You know, I have my mentors for sure, but for me is a lot of trial and error. I’m still doing trial and error.

Simeon Papailias: I’m still doing trial and error. Yeah. And I’m 17 years in. So let me let me take you back to that first year then. So how old were you when you got into the business?

Matthew Campoli: 24.

Simeon Papailias: So 24. You get your license since year one. What did that feel like? What did it look like? How did you do your first year?

Matthew Campoli: It was I did well. I still did six figures. It was intimidating for sure, especially not having any sort of business background besides just creating my own little thing with my barber business, but never took business courses, never took anything like that. Maybe I knew economics a little bit, supply demand, but I was I just I had to get over my own paradigm of. I could do this job just like the guys who are crushing it out there. I always thought of myself like, oh, like, you know, I’m never going to be able to do 500 K a year like this guy because he’s he’s a really good agent. Can I get there? Probably not. So I had to just get through barriers of my own self. So self limitation. Yeah. And it ends up just crushing him. Picked up good momentum. Luckily I was still barbering.

Simeon Papailias: So just tell me that a little bit. How did you get your first client? So you said you did six figures, let’s just call it you did ten deals or how many deals? Nine. Nine deals in the GTA puts you well into the six figures. So deal number one came from where.

Matthew Campoli: That was through referral.

Simeon Papailias: Referral. Why did they refer you? What was the expectation that you had to meet?

Matthew Campoli: It was it came from a Barbara client. I already built up all of his trust. I had his hair in my hands weekly for sure. So he’s like, you know.

Simeon Papailias: It is an intimate it is an intimate relationship.

Matthew Campoli: I worked in my favor, so he referred his cousin to me. He knew I was young. I was straight up like, you’re my first one. He’s like, I love that because you’re going all your energies on me. It’s at 100%.

Simeon Papailias: It’s going to be on you. I love.

Matthew Campoli: That. Right. And I’m going to wow you.

Simeon Papailias: So it was that the focus of your value prop as a new agent?

Matthew Campoli: It was a lot of the times.

Simeon Papailias: It’s brilliant.

Matthew Campoli: Yeah. I walked in, I said, Hey, like I’m single, I’m a young kid, I’m ambitious, I’m not I don’t have kids to deal with at home, don’t have anything to deal with at home. I’m all yours. Like you’re my full time job. That was my that was that was my way around. I’m new. Was I’m going to give you 3,000% versus someone else who has maybe a portfolio of listings. So yeah, I definitely love her.

Simeon Papailias: So going from that very first deal, I want to go to your ninth deal that year. It’s still your first year, your deal. Number nine. I know, again, like to put this into real estate timeline. To do ten deals a year probably takes about, I would say, a solid 4 to 5 hours a day every day, seven days a week of work to put those deals together. So to extrapolate that easily to anyone, if you work 12 to 14 hours a day every day, you can easily do 30 to 40 deals a year. That’s just a fact. But let’s go back to deal number nine. What did that feel like? Do you remember where it came from? Who was your last deal of that year? What was it like? So what was your confidence? How did you.

Matthew Campoli: Manage it that fall? Everything just started to really the snowball kicked in like the momentum. So I was banging a lot of the nine deals came in the end of the year. I did start in the socials right away and I did get told not to. So that’s a funny story. We’ll get into that later. But this one came from the gym. It was a just a guy I knew from the gym. He same idea. I was like, Listen, you want to buy a house, I’m all yours. Like any hour of the day, I’m yours. Let’s go. I’ll take care of you and your family. $1.2 million deal. My biggest one in terms of commission. A great end of the year. Like I was just.

Simeon Papailias: A tremendous.

Matthew Campoli: Result, Right? So, yeah, like I was flying by end of the year, like mentally everything. And it really pushed me into the next year.

Simeon Papailias: That is. That was five years ago. Because you’re a six years in the business going into your seventh.

Matthew Campoli: It’ll be seven full years this November.

Simeon Papailias: Amazing. So be it as a me. That’s five years ago. Let’s talk about you mentioned socials. You got started right away and there was a story behind that. I’ve never heard that story. So I definitely want to hear it. Where you are on socials today is above and beyond vanity metrics, which I’m not so concerned about. What I am impressed by is your commitment to your socials and what those socials look like. Take us now through when you started what you thought socials were. And socials have, of course, have evolved as well. Socials five years ago are not socials today. Yeah. Tell me about the journey of five years of socials. How. Why a why you committed to it? What you thought your mind was telling you to do and other people clearly told you not to? Yep. And what happened and what that means today.

Matthew Campoli: Yeah, so I was pretty active on Instagram at the time through the barbering stuff.

Simeon Papailias: And that’s huge on Instagram.

Matthew Campoli: Yeah.

Simeon Papailias: Instagram is made for beauty services. Like that’s one of the biggest industries on Awesome.

Matthew Campoli: So I started to post my haircuts. I made a separate channel for that as well, and I was getting business from it, right? And if it wasn’t from, you know, if I was meeting someone in person for the first time, say, oh, like, show me some of your work. Bang. I had my my resume right there in my Instagram. So I figured the same for real estate. You know, if I’m out there promoting these houses, let me have some sort of a backbone in terms of I do work, I do sell. So people go on and I have proof, right? My broker, who was my mentor at the time, he definitely can laugh at this now, Joe, he said that I would be wasting my time completely on there. I was doing the cold calling, I was doing door knocking, I was doing it all. I had my very I was banging it out daily. But he’s like, Don’t waste your time on there. You’re never going to get business from Instagram. When I’m told not to do something, I’ll do it ten times harder. Thank God. That’s just how I am. Thank God.

Simeon Papailias: So and this is not a knock to Joe, but that’s just a different generation speaking his truth.

Matthew Campoli: Exactly.

Simeon Papailias: He will never get a lead of Instagram.

Matthew Campoli: Yeah. Yeah.

Simeon Papailias: And one man’s reality is not another man’s destiny. Exactly. And that is huge. Kudos to Joe, actually, because that’s a testament to the traditional real estate game, which is still very alive today. For sure. You can make billions on it. So just a quick.

Matthew Campoli: Yeah. And he has sold billions like he’s he’s up there. So to even having a figure like that in front of me saying, Don’t waste your time, I still think know something about it. It’s like I got to do it. I got I’m a younger my friends are on here. Let’s go. So start the double down. I’m like, I’m going to get that first deal and I’m going to shove it in his face. And I just started to every listing I could get my hands on. Or if I was I had a free day, I would just go into condos and just make Instagram stories and just post a ton of video that I’m always in some sort of property. I started to build on that, seeing what worked, where was I get the most engagement. Okay, people are reaching out on this. Let me post more of that. No one’s reaching out on this. I’m not going to do this anymore. And then the time came where I got trial.

Simeon Papailias: Trial trial testing, Exactly.

Matthew Campoli: Testing because there wasn’t too many that were really popping off on the socials yet for real estate. It was it was the standard. Here’s my listing. Here’s the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, backyard. Right. I said, okay, this is what everyone’s doing. How can I differentiate? And that’s when I started to make my videos. I’m a weird dude. I’m an interesting character. My friends can all, you know, my girlfriend can’t even live with me anymore because I’m just a weird guy. So I’m like, Let me show you can live with me. Bring that back.

Simeon Papailias: But maybe she can stay for a bit.

Matthew Campoli: Maybe she did for a bit. Me I think I’ve one more year left with her. I’m kidding. I love you. The I’m like, Let me bring out myself my true, authentic self. Let me stop trying to be the guy with the crossed arms. Typical headshot and promoting the bathroom kitchen, bedroom. Let me bring my own quirkiness to my listings. So the first one was a custom home. 1.3. He just fired his agent and hired me again, came through referral. He didn’t really know me, so I’m like, okay, here, I’m about to. I just play it safe or do I go into my idea? I went on my idea. I didn’t show him the video at all. I didn’t want to get fired. I just had that in back of my head. Like, if I start if I showed this guy that I’m making a funny video in this custom home that he built. He might fire me. So I just didn’t show him. I’m like, Oh, just put on the socials. He doesn’t have to know. And it did extremely well. Like it popped off. Everyone was dying of laughter. It was essentially me and a partner at the time. He was showing off the house and I was doing stupid shit in the background. I was cooking upside like I had a salt shaker upside down coming out of the cantina in the basement with tomato jars, you know, like doing, like, just.

Simeon Papailias: But it’s funny.

Matthew Campoli: Yeah, it was worse. It worked. And then I started to go out in person and people would come up to me like, Hey, you made that video of you having the banana on the couch. I’m like, Yeah, like, I love that video. I showed this person, this person, this person. I’m like, Okay, this shit’s working. You know? That’s all those eyes. Like, even if the buyer, the buyer didn’t come from there, but still just the exposure. And then I had people saying like, I want you to make a video like this for my house when you sell it. And then I just right then and there, I knew, okay, I’m going to be Matt from now on. I’m not a real real estate agent anymore. I’m just Matthew Campbell. You.

Simeon Papailias: A couple of key things that I don’t want to be brushed under the carpet or forgotten. You said when you were still we were still talking about the beginning. And Joe, you said, my friends are on their. My friends are on there. If your audience, if your friends, family and people that you know. We all know that everybody is on their phones. 24 seven. If they could. At any given moment, myself included, which I am 42 years old. I’m born in 1980. That puts me as kind of the end of the previous generation. Where I don’t I still do not like social media as much as potentially your generation, which is just ten years behind. Mm hmm. However, I know as a fact that I check my Instagram, maybe not as much as you, but 80% as much as you. With that growing daily. Yeah. I’m not talking about technology. I’m talking with social media. Because when social media was first introduced, I’m one of the first generation of Facebook. I was there when it opened in 2007. I was there. I got the account. I had a MySpace account before that when I was 17.

Matthew Campoli: Me too.

Simeon Papailias: So I will say that the adoption and understanding of social is different for everyone, but we can definitely agree that the majority of this planet. This planet is connected and on social one way or another. So you said, My friends are on there, so I’m doing it.

Matthew Campoli: Yep.

Simeon Papailias: My advice to everyone is the world is on it. Whether it’s your world, the world that you want to get into or otherwise. This is no longer an option for being active or engaged unless you are actually promoting yourself, your service and what you do. There is no real future outside of that. Because Facebook and Instagram, whether they survive or not and they continue to tik tok and MC talk, it doesn’t matter. It will continue. It will evolve into spaces, into Twix or into whatever the case may be. But we will be there as business people and we will be there as human beings to entertain. Because you saw a break when people laughed.

Matthew Campoli: Yes.

Simeon Papailias: And they laughed at you being you, which you said forget. Matthew Campoli, the agent. You said. How about Matthew Campoli? Yeah. So genuine intention. Mm hmm. To service your business interest while entertaining everyone. Because you make me laugh. And I have nothing to buy from you. But it creates an environment that when I see you. You don’t think the traditional things when you see your colleagues like talk about business. I want to talk about your funny video. Yeah. What has that done for you from the way you’re perceived? I always I have. I’m a lead trainer and facilitator to one of the biggest trainings in North America, the workman’s success systems. And I teach authenticity. Yep. And I teach. What do you want people? So I ask all my students. My trainees, when you walk into a room. What do you want people to feel? And when you leave the room, what do you want people to talk about? Because they will talk about you when you leave the room. What do you want them saying? Let me ask you that question.

Matthew Campoli: Yeah. Well, I mean, I’m a big energy guy, so walk into the room. I want to bring the best possible version of myself.

Simeon Papailias: What is the best energy? So how do you define so awesome?

Matthew Campoli: It’s a combination of everything, body language vibrating on a higher level, right? So you walk into a room and you’re owning it. The confidence is there. You know what I mean? I don’t want to be coming in, slouched, slouched, you know, maybe fiddling with myself or styling. I want to come in owning it. You know, I’ll prepare myself before each meeting with, you know, just trying to put myself in the room prior to actually being there, how I want it to go and create this expectation for myself. I’m going to go in there and crush it no matter who it is. Right? And then when I leave, I want them to be wowed at some capacity as I impacted them, you know? Because, you know, you have people that walk in the room and they’re just kind of you can you can read them or feel it off them. And you have people that come in and light it up. I want to light it up.

Simeon Papailias: People who come in and intimidate you have people that come in. There’s a million different stances to take for sure when when you leave the room. Every time you leave a room, what do you want people to feel and or say about the time they spent with you? What is it you want to be? Or do you want to be remembered as funny, as knowledgeable as both? As what? Do you have this vision that when you leave today, here, right now, what do you think Simeon is going to be thinking about the time we had together on the podcast?

Matthew Campoli: Yeah, I mean, me as a person, I’m always going to be myself in that meeting, so I’m going to crack jokes. I will get a laugh out of it. So if they think that I am funny, great. But I also want them to know that I know my shit, right? So that they’re in the best hands possible, that they can trust me and that they can. Be comfortable enough to call me at any hour of the day. Not intimidated to call me or oh, my bothering Matt like I want them to be as comfortable as possible of being represented by me. So that’s my goal. And at the same time, I’m having fun.

Simeon Papailias: Yeah. So I would say one of the biggest breakthroughs I had in my life is the day that I need to be funny all the time, not to make other people laugh, but to make me laugh. Yeah. I’m the guy who laughs at his own.

Matthew Campoli: Jokes all the.

Simeon Papailias: Time. Like I’m giggling right now is because I need to have fun. It’s a choice that I made a long time ago, and I’m talking maybe a little over ten years ago, where for the first time I had the luxury of, eh, choosing my clients and the ability to attract the right clients you can speak to because that’s what actually your content does. There’s lots of benefits that I want to bring out of this, and I did it a different way. But the minute your energy becomes the filter. The actual filter for your business and for your whole life. Because this business, whether people believe it or like it or not. Real. The real estate business is a lifestyle.

Matthew Campoli: It is.

Simeon Papailias: Anybody seeking work life balance maybe needs to look at a different industry. And the longer you spend in it, the more you realize how it blends itself into all components of your life. So now I’m not talking about answering your phone at 11 p.m.. For a client, that’s a choice. I don’t make that choice. But I’m talking about every action you take with your family or with your business always has an impact. With each other. So Sunday church. Has to also generate business, for example, for it to make sense in the calendar. Yeah. So it’s not like you’re taking advantage of a church audience, but if that’s where you’re going to be, it has to serve a purpose genuinely with integrity and real intent. I need to get my faith, fix, whatever that may be. Church temple. It doesn’t matter what it is, but everything has as you grow and succeed, it has to serve more than one purpose.

Matthew Campoli: Yep.

Simeon Papailias: You talked about crossed arm videos. Right now. And what I want my team to do is, as we’re talking, you’re making content with salt shakers upside down on Saturday. This week I made a video with crossed arms. This is why you’re awesome, because you identify exactly what you should not be doing at this point. And I am still the biggest fan making a video just like this. And it was bright who directed me to do it. So a big picture of bright and a big picture of my video right here. And let’s take a quick look at Matt’s last video. Twas the day before Christmas and all was going great until Matt Kemp fully realized his client was late. And though from afar, he sure looked quite tired. He soon realized that Santa was hammered.

Matthew Campoli: That’s me running around with Santa Claus.

Simeon Papailias: And we loved that. I do believe you’ve succeeded in putting out your brand. So you’re here. This is not your first podcast. It might be your 1,000th, but you’re here now. And you entered my office today. I already had a presumption of who you are. We spoke about 5 minutes or 10 minutes before the podcast where I wanted to make sure that I’m aligned. And sure enough, all my presumptions were correct. And that is exactly. The value proposition of creating a brand. So you, Mr. Campanile, have succeeded in my eyes and let today be the proof yet again that the image that you have created to a colleague. I’m not your client. I’m never buying a house with you. But I need to be able to respect your skill and have questions as to how you do what you do to share and elevate our industry. The job of brokers playbook is to feature people who pitch in the Elevate the game. Yeah. If there was three or four different things that you want people. That you want people to use because you know it was effective. What are three practical tips or four? We can go from mindset, which is a little bit deeper, but from what they can actually do tomorrow, they heard it today. What can they do tomorrow to create? To get a step closer to to executing or maybe on brand or what do they need to think of brand? Do they need to look inside? Where would you take that? What would be you’re going to have a playbook on this. What’s going to be in your playbook?

Matthew Campoli: Yeah. So when it comes to brand building, yeah, it can definitely start with my mindset. That would be a good place to start because you need to identify who you are, Who is Matt, Who is Simeon? Right. And who, who are you going to showcase to the world out there? And how are like what parts of you are? Like for me it was if you’re out with your friends or you’re with family, you’re always going to get those common denominators of them commenting like, Oh, you should do this, or You’re hilarious or this, or for me is my humor, right? So I knew I have to write for the hop. Okay, This is something people love when I was crying their hair and make people laugh, people coming back for the laughs, right? So it’s like, how.

Simeon Papailias: About laughs and barbering? If you were to recommend a specific style for me for 2023, what would you do with my locs?

Matthew Campoli: What would you do? You have a lot you have too much hair to. I wouldn’t take you on as a client.

Simeon Papailias: Would you be looking at potentially maybe filling it in a little bit, maybe thinning it out on the sides?

Matthew Campoli: You maybe like a like a nice you have a little bit of a bald fave coming up a little bit longer on top. So kind of like in that, if I were to.

Simeon Papailias: Tell you that for three years I maintained a bald fade while balding, what would you say?

Matthew Campoli: Sounds pretty. You should make a course on that. Yeah. Brokers playbook for.

Simeon Papailias: That balding man. Yeah. How to support a barber Through the first years of his career while balding.

Matthew Campoli: So. So yeah like it starts there and it also comes from the confidence. So whatever kind of work you got to do to build up your confidence, to want to put yourself out there to the masses, a lot of people suffer from making that first video or if they as soon as the camera is near them, they freeze. They’re not themselves no more. So how how can you put yourself out there without having to worry about what people think or having to worry about?

Simeon Papailias: So how do they do that? Give me. So there’s the practical tip.

Matthew Campoli: There’s the tip.

Simeon Papailias: What is it? So if I’m uncomfortable, if I’m inherently uncomfortable, the minute that switch goes on, do I tell myself something? What would you recommend?

Matthew Campoli: I mean, you can you can start off with something basic as affirmations if your biggest fear is. I don’t think you’re good on video. Write down every single morning. I am the best on camera. I make the best videos. I represent myself. In the best possible manner to attract business through my videos. Like little things like that.

Simeon Papailias: Have you used affirmations.

Matthew Campoli: All the time! Every morning.

Simeon Papailias: Are they effective for you?

Matthew Campoli: Yeah, very much so, because I’ll notice every year my goals are changing because, you know, the first year, for example, wrote down 100,000. It was scary to me, right?

Simeon Papailias: It was for.

Matthew Campoli: Everyone. Yeah. But as you go, you start to realize your potential and you start to break through these barriers, your limited, limiting beliefs you have for yourself and your goals start to get bigger and bigger and you start to believe in them more and more. Now, my goals are outrageous and I believe in them because I know it’s going to happen at some point somehow.

Simeon Papailias: Well, somewhat, because you still call them outrageous. So I would correct you on that one.

Matthew Campoli: You’re you’re correct. Exactly. So I won’t use that word anymore.

Simeon Papailias: So big and hairy. How about big and hairy?

Matthew Campoli: Yeah, big and hairy. There you go.

Simeon Papailias: Big and hairy.

Matthew Campoli: So it’s a combination of that. Once your confidence is up and it takes time, because my video and I can always refer back to it, you could still own my page. I’ll leave it there. My first video ever sucked. It was brutal, but. Anything happens with practice consistency in time and over time you’ll get more and more comfortable. And once you’re able to dial in on having your true self in front of that camera to align with the goals of your brand, it’s game over. You’ll be able to leverage content on social media all day, everyday. 

Simeon Papailias: Is video the only way or is video the only medium that you specifically believe in to be the most effective? Or would you say the written word? Does blogging still have a play? Audio Podcast. Audio only. Do you think there is a difference or would you say at the end of the day, video is the most effective?

Matthew Campoli: I mean, it depends on the platform you’re using. I have a combination of all of them. If you have my audio podcast, I do my videos on on Instagram, I have Tik Tok YouTube. So if you have the time and systems to hit it all, hit it all. But video is definitely very effective. You can get your message across. You add some visuals, throw some subtitles depending on what it is, but that can really grab the attention of someone a lot better than a photo or a blog post. We all know for someone to sit down and actually read through something. Nowadays, our attention spans are lessening.

Simeon Papailias: Further and.

Matthew Campoli: Reduced. Exactly. So I think if you want to get something across that’s impactful, it’s good. It’s going to keep someone attentive. Video is definitely a powerful tool.

Simeon Papailias: Since you are the gangster of socials, let’s say. And you said you’re across all platforms. Let’s speak to a different audience. We spoke to the people getting started and are scared to get started. And I truly and genuinely hope to every single one of you, whether it’s affirmations you need to do, whether it’s simply doing it and understanding that putting in reps is going to grow into bigger biceps. It’s just that simple. You can’t expect to lift a £50 curl on your first day. You’re just not going to happen. Exactly. You don’t have it. So don’t compare yourself to anyone other than the person you were yesterday. But to move on from you and to get into somebody who’s at it now for two or three years. What is their playbook to step and get into the next level? What I mean by that, because we can’t give people without knowing what they’re doing. We can give people advice. But can we talk a little bit about building omnipresence So if you’re just doing Instagram reels. As opposed to shooting it on a camera for that content to be repurposed 14 different ways. Tell me a little bit about somebody. About how someone Excuse me. Can set up their content or their rig or their setup to be better at repurposing. Do they go offshore for editing? What are some industry tips were in North America? We know the costs of studios are insane. How do we sit on a budget? But how do we thank you so much? On an actual realistic approach. Maximize our content and our. Reach. What would you say for the intermediate content creator, somebody who’s already doing it? They want to level up. I spoke to two of them last week. What’s your advice?

Matthew Campoli: I mean, you know, doing the outsourcing and all that stuff at home on your own, it’s cool. But I think the power is within hiring someone that you can click with, I can vibe with. I share similar ideas, and similar sorts of creativity and lock in on them. Go all in on that one person.

Simeon Papailias: You’re talking physically with you.

Matthew Campoli: Yeah. So my camera person will help with my ideas. They understand how I want it to be edited because you can, you can film something all day, but if it’s not edited the way you want to be edited, because that’s where the problem can come. If you’re outsourcing it, then it’s not it’s not the result you want, right? So if you’re able to find someone who matches everything that you and aligns with everything you’re trying to create, it makes the process that much easier. You’re able to go and produce more with the confidence because you know what’s going to turn out amazing. And and I would say just batch like do do to be consistent with it. Just pick your day’s time, lock it for once a week. If that’s that’s the case, bring multiple clothing options and just record a ton of content. It’s tiring but have like three espressos in between and you’ll be fine. You’ll be just and then and you’re good for all month. You get for the whole month.

Simeon Papailias: So the efficiency is doing it with a person that you click with. That way you’re never shook with the results, you’re never surprised, You never have to retrain people. I see that.

Matthew Campoli: And you can be yourself.

Simeon Papailias: And you can be yourself. I understand that. And I appreciate because I have that, I have somebody I respect dearly in their room with us right now that is consistently delivering. Product that is in line with my values. I am looking to make specific changes in the New Year in bringing on younger talent because my videographer is exactly my age and he may or may not see the world you do. What I want is not a new videographer or editor. What I want is ideas. So speaking to now to from the intermediate, find your person to a senior. Now I’m going to ask for your advice. I have a much bigger budget. Because I have a much bigger business. What would you advise me to do to become not only more relevant on these younger platforms? Because I don’t have a tik-tok profile and I frankly don’t have the time to commit to it, so I won’t have one. But Brokers Playbook does have a TikTok account and we are developing a strategy because Brokers Playbook is going to feature my director of operations, my assistant, you, him, that person. It’s a collaborative community.

Matthew Campoli: Yep.

Simeon Papailias: It does need to be about me for my personal brand though. If I want it to be edgier or do I want it to be edgier, what should I be asking myself to remain authentic but make a shift? How do you determine the mindset around what’s next?

Matthew Campoli: I think for you, because like I mentioned earlier, my first impression of you when I met you here with you, the way you speak, it’s awesome. So you already have something that sets you as a force, in my opinion, just your voice, tonality, knowledge, all that, right? So if you’re able to bring that and repurpose it into different pieces of content a lot more consistently, people going to love it. I’d watch all your videos, but just be yourself. You don’t change anything.

Simeon Papailias: The person you’ve ever not been.

Matthew Campoli: Myself. Exactly. And that’s and it shows, right? So whether you’re speaking to the market, speaking to things that you would tell your junior agents or your senior agents, there’s going to be a ton of people out there who are going to find a ton of value in that. And if you’re able to do that consistently right, whether it’s once a day, once every two days and you’re posting it, you’re going to gain a lot of traction because you’re ready. You’re just being yourself. It’s not something you started from scratch. You are Siemian. Yes, right. You run RDC, You have established an incredible business that many people would be lucky to even hear. What’s going on in your head. Right. You’re going to have you will have people watching you.

Simeon Papailias: So would you say sharing more content and leverage content on social media, documenting maybe what we’re doing on a daily basis?

Matthew Campoli: I think you in front of your agents behind the scenes and what you’re saying to them document that repurposed. There are some subtitles on it. You’re already you already teaching it, you’re already coaching it. Give other people some insight into how that looks. I think you said it best. It’s all about how you leverage content on social media.

Simeon Papailias: So to let the cat out of the bag, it’s exactly what we’re doing for Broker’s Playbook and for everybody watching what’s coming on. Socials not for the podcast, but brokers, playbook socials are going to feature my super dynamic director of operations who has taken on let me give you this. So there are EK right now for 2023. This is a piece of advice to every single one of you. Listening is going to be a tougher year than in 2022. There’s going to be further, less market share, meaning we lost 48% of deals from last year. Gone? Yeah, because of interest rates or there’s two more coming. Two more interest rate hikes. Yeah. So we’re going to be down further. The competition for the remaining business is going to be fierce. So if every single one of you knows factually that you’re going to be competing against myself, Matthew, and every single one of our brothers and sisters in the business, what are you doing about it? What the heck is doing about it? Is it has taken its entire roster of intermediate agents, agents who are around that 200,000 mark. So none of these agents can consistently or have consistently created over 20 deals a year. In their respective markets across the GTA, none of them. So for them to remain relevant to me as the leader of Royal Page’s second largest organisation. Is I have taken that group and put them into calling ponds and training ponds and mentorship pods that three days a week they are under the guidance of myself and my director of operations where they are making supervised 3 hours of calls or 30 calls a day, or what we hope to be is an outcome of 60,000 calls that otherwise would not have been made. Yeah, 60,000 calls. My actual KPI. What I’m measuring and tracking is I want to see 200 deals, 20 agents a deal a month. For ten months, 40 weeks. The program. That’s what I’m doing. And Brokers Playbook is going to feature that on a socialist.

Matthew Campoli: Nice.

Simeon Papailias: You just told me you want leadership posts on Siemian.

Matthew Campoli: Yep.

Simeon Papailias: I think as the very first episode of 2023, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised to see that that is exactly what I’m going to implement this year. Awesome. And we can reflect back on this where the master told the student what to do and how to win.

Matthew Campoli: That’s awesome. Yeah, that’s exactly what. That’s it, man. It’s simple. You’ve already built yourself.

Simeon Papailias: I am looking forward over the next couple of weeks. By the time this launches, we are going to have the playbook up and running or everybody listening for everybody watching. If you visit Broker’s Playbook.com and go to the podcast section, you will be able to view Matthew’s YouTube podcast episode. You can listen to it on any of the major platforms and of course download his playbook, his unique advice and value prop as a playbook on the website. Brokers playbook dot com. Until next time, Matthew, thank you for being here. Do you have anything to say before we come off?

Matthew Campoli: No, I think it’s. Thank you for having me. It’s been awesome, pleasure and honor. And stay tuned because I’m going to have Simeon on mine where he gets to go in on everything that he’s knowledgeable and huge on. So I’m excited for that.

Simeon Papailias: I look forward to it. My man, thanks again for being here. Thank you for having me, everyone. See you soon. Thank you so very much for spending your time with us here at Brokers Playbook. This is a growing community. If you found value in this video, please invite others to subscribe and of course, share the videos with. We’ll see you soon.