Procrastination is the Enemy of Execution

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Procrastination is the Enemy of Execution


We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at your desk, staring at a blank screen or a blinking cursor, and you just can’t seem to get started on that project that’s due tomorrow. Or maybe you’re halfway through and you keep getting distracted by social media or other tasks that seem more pressing in the moment. Either way, procrastination is the enemy of execution, and it’s something that we all struggle with from time to time.


So what exactly is procrastination? And why is it such a productivity killer? Put simply, procrastination is when we deliberately choose to delay taking action on a task, even though we know that doing so will likely have negative consequences. We do this because the task at hand feels daunting or unpleasant, and we’d rather put it off than deal with it head-on. In the moment, it seems like a good idea because it allows us to avoid the discomfort of getting started. But in reality, all it does is add unnecessary stress and pressure to an already challenging situation.


There are four very major types of procrastination: 

1) Anxious procrastination 

2) Perfectionist procrastination 

3) Directionless procrastination 

4) Hopeless procrastination 


Anxious procrastination occurs when we take on so much that we literally cannot get to our work. Just looking at our schedule is daunting and terrifying, and instead of dealing with it head-on, we’ll more than likely put our heads in the sand and stem away from it. If you have any anxiety, this can be a big problem. Using time-blocking skills taught in Broker’s Playbook Training can result in a huge weight being lifted off of your shoulders, and eliminate the anxiousness associated with this type of procrastination. 


Perfectionist procrastination happens when we tie our self-worth to the outcome of a project or task. We believe that if it’s not perfect, then it’s not good enough. This type of thinking leads us to put off starting a project because we’re afraid that we won’t be able to do it perfectly. Failing forward is one of the core tenants of Broker’s Playbook Training. Check out what trainees are saying about learning from Broker’s Playbook. 


Directionless procrastination is when we don’t know where to start or what the next step should be. This often happens when we’re feeling overwhelmed by a project because we don’t have a clear plan of action. Finding the 4 Pillars of your real estate business, and building a path forward for each of them is exactly what Broker’s Playbook Trainees have been doing to find new and unprecedented success!


Hopeless procrastination is when we feel like whatever we do won’t make a difference anyway, so why bother? This type of thinking leads us to conclude that taking action is pointless, which obviously isn’t helpful when it comes to actually get things done! Action is the only thing that matters!  If you are struggling with taking action, you may need some accountability. Check out Broker’s Playbook Training to add some accountability to your business today!


Procrastination is the enemy of execution because it prevents us from taking action on tasks that are important but challenging. If you find yourself struggling with procrastination, remember that you’re not alone—we all experience it from time to time. The key is to identify the type of procrastination you’re struggling with and develop a plan to overcome it. Dedicate yourself to taking small steps every day, and soon you’ll find that those daunting tasks are much less intimidating after all.