Quebec’s home buyers and sellers place enormous trust in brokers

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Most Quebecers stand by the experience and knowledge offered by brokers, especially in B-20’s strict policy environment.

According to research by Léger, 82% of those who are planning to buy or sell homes in Quebec have a high level of trust in brokers, and would definitely use the services these professionals offer.

This proportion was a good deal larger than the market share observed in 2013, at 60%.

The recent survey, which was released by the Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers, also found that 87% of respondents said that the brokers they worked with exhibited high levels of valuable skill and relevant knowledge.

This reliability has only become more important in the current federal and provincial regulatory framework. Such dependence has had a massive boost in the perception of brokers and the value that they offer.

Quebecers said that their confidence in entering any transaction without the help of a broker fell by almost 7% (for purchases) and 10% (for sales).

“[Brokers’] understanding of the market and their ability to manage all the paperwork that needs to be filled in contributes to their level of expertise,” Léger vice president of communications and public affairs Sylvain Gauthier said.

Gauthier added that “brokers are surrounded by a team of professionals that they can refer to at any time, and they understand the administrative and legal details relating to the sale or purchase of a property.”