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9 February 2023
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Building Strong Partnerships in Real Estate: The Importance of Collaboration, Communication, and Trust

In the fast-paced world of real estate, it can be tempting to prioritize transactions over relationships. However, building strong, collaborative partnerships with clients, brokers, and other professionals is key to success in this industry.   Building Strong Partnerships in Real Estate   At the heart of every successful real estate transaction is a deep understanding…


22 March 2023

Ep: 57 – Upgrade Your Systems and Procedures w/ Jeff Brown | Broker’s Playbook

Are you looking to take your systems to the next level? If so, implementing systems and procedures may be just what you need. In this video, Broker's Playbook COO hosts Jeff Brown of the @HeapsEstrinRealEstateTeam to discuss what systems and procedures are, and how they can help you streamline your business. Understanding yourself is truly…
Take advantage of
16 March 2023

EP. 56: 5 Things to Take Advantage of Opportunity in Today’s Marketplace w/ Dawood Bedrosian | Broker’s Playbook

Take advantage of this special episode of the Broker's Playbook Podcast, Simeon Papailias joins Dawood Bedrosian of Real Sense Now - Central Florida’s NEWEST addition to Florida Man Radio’s SPECIALISTS line-up! This one-stop talk show, helps consumers connect the dots and get REAL on ALL THINGS REAL ESTATE. Simeon has achieved tremendous success in his…
You need to get Your Mindset Right
8 March 2023

Ep 55: You Need to Get Your Mindset Right w/ Kathleen Black | Broker’s Playbook

In order to be successful in real estate, you need to have the right mindset. Real estate can be a very lucrative business, but it takes dedication and the right mindset to succeed. That's why on this week's episode of the Broker's Playbook podcast, we're talking to coach Kathleen Black about how to get your…

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