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Social Philanthropy
28 September 2023
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Social Philanthropy And Why Real Estate Professionals Should Embrace It

What is social philanthropy? As a real estate professional, you know the importance of building strong relationships with clients to achieve success. But did you know that there is an increasing demand from consumers, particularly younger ones, who want to work with businesses that have a social philanthropic thrust? In this blog post, we'll discuss…


Phil Soper
27 September 2023

Ep. 75 – Strategic Insights on RLP’s Success in a Changing Market w/ Phil Soper | Broker’s Playbook

Welcome to Broker's Playbook! Join us as we discuss the current Canadian real estate market with Royal LePage Services CEO, Mr. Phil Soper. Get invaluable insight and advice on how to manage this tumultuous market from one of the top business professionals in the industry. Tune in now for a fascinating look into the Canadian…
Don Scott
20 September 2023

Ep 74 – Revolutionizing Mortgages: Transforming the Real Estate Industry w/ Don Scott | Broker’s Playbook

Welcome to our newest episode of Broker's Playbook! In this episode, we have the founder and CEO of Frank Mortgage - Don Scott. This new fintech mortgage platform is here to bring transparency and choice direct to each of our clients. Find out more about this revolutionary new way of doing business in the world…
Winson Chan
13 September 2023

Ep 73 – Building a Winning Sales Team w/ Winson Chan | Broker’s Playbook 

Welcome to Broker's Playbook! In this episode, join us as we sit down with Winson Chan, Vice President of Sales and Development for Tridel, one of Canada's oldest and biggest development groups. Learn all about how their past experience and expertise is propelling Toronto into becoming a world-class city, full of condos that rival the…

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