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3 May 2023
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From Struggling to Thriving: My 11-Year Journey as a Mortgage Agent

Thriving as a mortgage agent can be a challenging and overwhelming experience, especially when it comes to building relationships with realtors and finding clients. I remember my first year in this industry when my sole focus was on getting that one deal to pay my bills. However, as years passed by, I gained valuable insights…


Camille Moore
25 May 2023

Ep 65 – How to Kill Branding for Your Business w/ Camille Moore | Broker’s Playbook

Do you want to learn how to create a successful brand in the real estate industry? Join us for an insightful conversation with Camille Moore, co-founder of Thirdeye Insights. Her journey from the origins of her personal brand to reaching global clients will inspire you and offer perspective on the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs today.…
Tim Hudak
25 May 2023

Ep 64 – Why Decoding Bill 23 Matters w/ Tim Hudak | Broker’s Playbook

Tim Hudak, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), will be providing a full and comprehensive explanation of Bill 23. This groundbreaking bill is set to have the single most impact in the housing market in Ontario ever - allowing regular people to convert single-family homes into duplexes, triplexes, or fourplexes. Tune in now…
10 May 2023

Expand & Grow 10x with HoneyTree – w\ Mark & David | Investor’s Playbook

Are you an investor looking to expand your real estate portfolio? Don't miss this episode of the Investors Playbook podcast, where David Atwell and Mark Gonneau share their story as seasoned investors in Canada. They describe how he went from leaving the movie business and chiropractic to finding and acquiring their first hotel property in…

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