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28 September 2023
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Social Philanthropy And Why Real Estate Professionals Should Embrace It

What is social philanthropy? As a real estate professional, you know the importance of building strong relationships with clients to achieve success. But did you know that there is an increasing demand from consumers, particularly younger ones, who want to work with businesses that have a social philanthropic thrust? In this blog post, we'll discuss…


Cailey Heaps
29 November 2023

Ep. 84 – Hard Work Unveiled: Everyday Real Estate Mastery w/ Cailey Heaps | Broker’s Playbook

Welcome to another episode of Broker's Playbook! Today, we have the absolute pleasure of welcoming Miss Cailey Heaps, the number one in the country for both GCI and the leader in luxury real estate in Toronto, Canada's biggest market. We'll be discussing her hard work and success in this ever-evolving market and how you can…
Ben Julius
22 November 2023

Ep. 83 – Journey to Empowering Success: Real Estate Insights w/ Ben Julius | Broker’s Playbook

Welcome to Broker's Playbook! Are you ready to join Ben Julius and Bobby Puim on an empowering journey into the world of real estate? Tune in for an inspiring talk that you won't find anywhere else, as these two old friends share their stories of success. Take this opportunity to learn, grow, and be empowered…
Ryan Coyle
15 November 2023

Ep. 82: Decoding Demand – Real Estate Insights w/ Ryan Coyle | Broker’s Playbook

Welcome to Brokers Playbook! On today's episode, we have Ryan Coyle, the founder and CEO of Connect - one of the biggest players in pre-construction real estate. We're talking about what it takes to succeed in this industry and how Ryan has managed to reach such high demand. Don't miss out on this important lesson…

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