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Stacy Chaves, RE/MAX Twin City Realty

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Cambridge, ON
Age: 35

Stacey Chaves can still recall vividly an open house she hosted at the start of her career. “This older couple said to me, ‘We would like to do an offer. Should we contact your parents?’”, she recalls. “I replied, ‘Well, my parents are a couple of hippies. I’m not sure they would be very helpful.’”

Clients aren’t asking to see Chaves’ parents these days. Ten years of experience and a host of awards – including Rookie of the Year, Platinum Club, 100% Club and Hall of Fame – have turned her into a sought-after local expert in a Cambridge market still highly attractive to buyers of all stripes. She recently completed her broker’s designation, which will further differentiate her from the competition and set her up for the next phase of a blossoming career.