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Real estate is in Ron Sally’s DNA. Mentored by his father Sunil, an industry veteran with over two decades experience, the younger Sally is the 25-year-old broker of record and owner of REMAX Millennium Real Estate in Vaughan, Ontario.

In fact, Sally is one of the youngest RE/MAX brokerage operators in Canada, which isn’t surprising considering he got his mortgage licence straight out of high school, and then his real estate licence at 20.

“The field always interested me and I wanted to learn what I could,” said Sally. “I wanted to learn every facet of real estate. I started taking training courses from different real estate companies to grasp as much as I could, then I jumped into preconstruction sales and development, where in my two years I sold over 90 units.”

Sally’s dogged, if indomitable, work ethic is impressive—especially for a man his age—but he just shrugs when asked about it, simply elucidating what his father taught him.

“He’s always been a mentor. He taught me about time management, money management, and he taught me how to think big at all times. Thinking big at all times means never settling for less. If you have an idea and you think there’s a way to do it, well, there’s a grander way of doing it. You can take something small and double it. A small thought pops into your mind and you double it in size. How can you make it bigger and better? How can you make yourself better? Think big. Live big. And always be a man of your word.”

The lessons Sunil imparted to his son have manifested in the form of a forward-thinking brokerage led by a young man with uncanny ability to understand the brass tacks of real estate’s myriad facets. As a millennial, Sally is adept at digital branding and marketing, however, he’s careful not to alienate any demographical groups.

But beyond that, Sally dedicates himself to his agents, ensuring they’re equipped with everything they need to realize the best versions of themselves.

“Part of it is making sure that I represent, and my company represents, my client really well,” he said. “We provide brand value, innovation and quality service to agents, buyers and sellers. I wanted to offer powerful business tools, access to leads and referrals, and training for all stages of my agents’ careers to build their skills and build their sales pipelined. Everything I do is for the sake of my agents’ productivity.”

In return, Sally need only know one thing: “I tell my agents that this is no side hustle—this is the main event, so are you in it part-time or are you in it full-time? Our company is about the hustlers, the innovators, the game changers, the trend makers—that’s what our company is about. We want the hungry, the fast who are willing to work hard and willing to innovate, provide quality service, and be happy and fulfilled in their careers. I want to make sure we set new standards for others to follow.”


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