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There’s a reason for the joke “she has more money than God,” and she’s using it to buy up a plethora of swanky properties.

Last year, Oprah Winfrey purchased a 60 acre ski resort in Colorado for a cool $10.85 million and she has just outdone herself by snatching up a nearby behemoth chalet for a not-so-cool $14 million.

Her latest acquisition boasts a home gym, a tree-top observation deck replete with a fire pit, and a 56-foot wine cellar. It was originally listed for $15 million in 2009.

And while this is all great for Oprah, those commissions were two fine feathers added to the cap of her lucky real estate agent.

Assuming a 3% commission on those two properties, Oprah’s agent pulled in a combined $835,500; not bad for two deals.

Of course not every agent is lucky enough to work with a billionaire media mogul, but it could serve as motivation for agents – especially those in cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, which boast impressive luxury markets – to get out there are network with high-net worth individuals.

That could be done by joining investment clubs, and working with financial advisor referral partners – especially the ones who specialize in high-net worth clients.

As for Oprah: It seems her latest acquired home will be used as a mere temporary abode while she supervises the construction of last year’s purchase.

Which means it could be placed on the market sooner rather than later – and one lucky agent could cash in on another whopping commission.

See below for a picture of the house.

Photo credit: The Wall Street Journal