Tony Johal, RE/MAX Inspired Living Realty

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Waterloo, ON
Age: 35

Tony Johal has been dominating the Waterloo market for most of his 12 years in the business. As one of RE/MAX’s top brokers nationwide, Johal is living proof that finding the right coach can make all the difference.

“Get a coach who resonates with your core values,” he advises. “Don’t just follow what your brokerage recommends. Interview many coaches and see who you feel you best fit with. Professional athletes have a coach. Professional business owners should do the same.”

When he was just starting out, Johal knew his lack of experience would make attracting clients a challenge. He combated this perceived disadvantage by educating himself about every aspect of the industry, from finance to home inspections. “What I lacked in experience I made up with in knowledge,” he says. “I also used seasoned agents in my office when I was talking to clients by letting the client know that I had a ‘seasoned vet’ just a call away.”