Top Teams 2018

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Two words describe real estate teams in 2018: prominent and dominant. While the market has no shortage of individual superstars, they’re quickly becoming relics of a bygone age, when it was possible for a solo agent to address a client’s every need. 

But at a time when consumers are demanding more of the real estate experience, those needs have increased in both number and complexity. Individual agents, especially those constantly chasing new business, simply can’t do everything for every client.


A passion for optimum performance of real estate teams and team leaders epitomizes Kathleen Black’s approach to fostering upcoming and pre-existing real estate businesses. With a proven record for creating top-producing teams across the globe, Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting Inc. moulds businesses using core systems and values focused on team development and growth. For agents evolving from salespeople to team managers and leaders, Black provides the tools and mindsets necessary for demonstrable and verifiable success. Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting extends its congratulations to all of the teams recognized for their extraordinary performance in this issue of Real Estate Professional.