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Top Teams 2019

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Real estate is awash in clichés, and that’s not such a bad thing. Clichés are only truths stated simply – they wouldn’t be used if they didn’t describe something that gets proven and re-proven every day. So when elite agents say that “teamwork makes the dream work,” it’s not a bad idea to pay attention.


Some of Canada’s most successful real estate agents are now the leaders of their own teams, and it’s easy to see why. Having a common goal in mind often brings out the best in individuals. The opportunity to specialize roles allows for improved customer service. Intelligent people fleshing out their ideas collaboratively speeds up a business’s evolution.


This year’s Top Teams might personify a popular cliché, but they are anything but generic. They are collaborators, innovators, negotiators and educators, using every tool at their disposal to gain and retain client trust at a time when doing so is more difficult than ever. REP salutes these 50 teams for their consistency, their integrity and their willingness to break the mould.


Kathleen Black has worked with thousands of teams to build efficient, profitable, productive businesses, all while making a positive impact on both the real estate industry and local communities. With 80% of her clients now top 1% producers nationally, Black’s tried, tested and true Ultimate Expansion Strategy has built the foundation for countless top performers to scale and grow. But being in the top 1% of producers only matters when you have a top 1% life to go with it; Black’s true passion is for supporting those lives with dynamic business growth.

Kathleen Black and the team at Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting extend their congratulations to all of this year’s Top Teams. Thank you for helping to elevate the professionalism, service levels and standards of our industry.