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Real Estate Training is essential for success as a Real Estate Agent.

The Rising Agent Mastery Program (RAMP) is designed to provide a well-rounded, comprehensive overview of the essentials Real Estate Agents need to know in order to be successful.

The 12-week program covers topics such as best practices, proven systems, business planning, administration, and more. By the end of the program, agents will have closed two more transactions per month.

This program is perfect for those who are brand new to Real Estate, those returning after some time away, or anyone looking to refresh and refocus their approach in order to give their business a boost!

Investing in Real Estate Training is an essential step on the path to success as a Real Estate Agent. Real Estate can be a challenging and ever-changing industry, so it’s important to be constantly learning and refining your skillset in order to stay ahead of the curve.

The RAMP program is the perfect way to do just that!

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The Rising Agent Master Program shows you:

  • The fundamentals of how to eliminate busywork
  • Give you the tools to work efficiently
  • Teach you how to prospect, generate leads, train your admin, close more deals, and so much more!

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What you can expect with RAMP

This program is designed to help you RAMP up your real estate business. Get the tools and resources you need to succeed with industry-leading Real Estate Training practices and tools!

Your business will grow as you strengthen old connections and make new ones. This week, learn how to find leads that are perfect for your real estate practice by using your CRM tools in order keep track of all prospective clients who may become future customers! Your SOI consists primarily people already know, like & trust you – it’s your job show them that when they think of real estate, they think of YOU!

Real estate is all about connection. This weeks RAMP real estate training is all about connecting with your clients, prospects, and SOI by memorizing and implementing essential scripts. Cultivate relationships with your Top 50 with regular personal touches.

This week, learn how to generate and follow up with leads from open houses and other sources as well as establish parameters to keep yourself safe on the job. You will also add a layer accountability with BP Real Estate Training. Accountability equals love! Work with your accountability partner to determine your motivation method and make a plan to hold yourself accountable.

This week, learn all the basics of working with buyers — including showing houses, delivering a buyer presentation, navigating the buying process, and handling a contract.

This week, learn how to implement proven systems for prioritization and time management that will allow you to get the most out of each day.

Learn how to address the unique needs and expectations of sellers as you work with them throughout the listing process.

This week, gain clarity on the financial side of real estate, including financial documents and mortgage options. You’ll also learn how to handle negotiations and get an overview of important deadlines for a transaction.

This week, learn how to go above and beyond at the closing, market yourself as a true expert, and build professional partnerships that will elevate your value.

This week, learn how to interact with clients, meet their needs, and handle their objections. Discover how to go above and beyond create amazing client experiences.

Discover how to use a CRM to follow up with clients and maintain meaningful touches with them even after the transaction is over. Turn happy clients into raving fans, and learn where to look to find new business.

This week, learn how to budget and achieve financial security with the bucket system. Then, review important topics to keep yourself on track as you close out the program and continue on your real estate journey.


The reason I took the training is actually it is. I found it the starting point, but I always like to go back to the basics. Sometimes there are things you forget and things you do in your day to day, which you get stuck in a routine. And I like the training because it helped me realize what I wasn't doing. I was missing certain parts of my business

- Steffi D’Cruz, Royal LePage Signature

For me, I was lacking parts of people skills, how for instance, when I go to a listing presentation or a buyer presentation, what material I need to take, what I should say to a client or what I shouldn't say to a client. There's no better way for you to learn these skills than from trainers who are already been in the industry for a long time.

- Aliah Koushyar-Moghtader, Royal LePage

What made me seek out training is that I really needed structure and a framework to work within every day. Being relatively new to the real estate, real estate sales side of the business, I really didn't understand how I should structure my days, and what I should be focusing on. And that's what's really fantastic about this program, is that it's really helped me put a structure to my day and given me ideas of what I can do and what kinds of activities I can focus on a daily basis that helps me grow and expand every day.

- Sylwia Glowik, REC Canada

I don't think you can stop learning. That's one thing I know. I've never seen one single day that I didn't learn something or even expand what I know already. And when the training came up, I obviously didn't know what I'm going to get out of it, but I know the person putting this training together is one of the best in real estate. And where can you learn from the best, you jump at that opportunity. I am so happy I did

- Azeez Adesanya - Royal LePage