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Ultimate Team Summit looks to change the scope of real estate

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“How you work with your team defines your success and your ability to leverage that team controls the level of success you can, ultimately, achieve”
— Kathleen Black

The Ultimate Team Summit Is BACK! It is year four in this incarnation, and it will be spectacular. Last years sold out event was jam packed full of Team Members, Up and Coming Team Leaders, and Individual Agents looking to build production. Hundreds of passionate, driven people looking to Join the Revolution, make unprecedented changes to their business and provide uncompromised service to the public. The Ultimate Team Summit is THE event, promoting the learning, sharing, and collaborating of tools, systems, and ideas to achieve success. The goal is to provide proven solutions and a guide to implementing them into your business in order to help provide better service and better options to the public.

You too can attend the largest Team Specific Real Estate Summit in North America. Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting (KBCC) believes the Future of Real Estate lies in Collaboration, Networking, & Learning with the best in our Industry. “Each Year we are looking to grow, add new people and share our proven tools of success and sustainability with them. Our plan is to revolutionize the Real Estate Industry around the world creating the high-profile professional reputation it deserves. We do that 1 person at a time, 1 team at a time and 1 brokerage at a time!” says Kathleen Black the juggernaut behind this event, company and Revolution.

This event provides something for everyone in the real estate industry. From proven sales skills like scripting, buyer presentations and listing presentations, to administration systems like CRM’s, lead flow and organization charts, to mindset and communication building skills such as NLP, DISC personality and more.

Attendees, especially future, new or seasoned Team Leaders will value the proven KBCC systems that will be shared over the course of the event on topics such as, Compensation of licensed and unlicensed team members, Hiring & Recruitment strategies, Inside Sales plans both in house and remote options, proven Social Media plans, technology panels, and lead generation tools and systems exclusive to Ultimate Team Summit!

When speaking of the event, Shannon Smith Director of Coaching for KBCC said, “We are able to share more at this event because it isn’t limited to only how a single team has become successful, but how the hundreds of teams we have personally coached over the past nine years have found their own success.”

Shannon continued with, “This event is the ultimate learning environment for anyone looking to improve their business and create the life of their own dreams, not someone else’s!”

This Revolutionary Event is taking place in Niagara Falls, Ontario from November 6th (10am) to November 8th (3pm), 2019. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed into what KBCC calls, “the Ultimate Real Estate Network”. This claim is not an over statement since over 60% of those attending come from 100+ Deal a year teams. This event is billed as a year’s worth of coaching in 3 days, and if the results that attendees from last year had this year are any indication, you need to get in your car, get on a bus, jump in a plane, walk, run or cycle, whatever you like to do but get yourself to this event! Get your tickets today, before they sell out again at Heck use the Code – “VIPSUMMIT” and get a $100 discount on your ticket on us!

About Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting Inc.
We specialize in helping existing or new teams grow systematically while ensuring healthy profit margins and exit strategies. By applying an understanding that personal and professional development are linked and required to reach top levels of achievement we have helped business owners, and their teams, reach a level of achievement by production, or income, rarely achieved in the real estate world. All of this while living a life of harmony between their business and personal lives.

With specialized Team and Business Development Coaches KBCC offers combined BA in Psychology, certifications in ABNLP NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master NLP Coach, Certified Hypnotherapy,  KBCC Energy Mapping Systems , DISC Trainer’s Certification, and more, we offer a unique spectrum of skills to adapt to your needs, and take your training to the next level.

Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting has helped build systematized single or dual agent teams, small boutique teams, and powerhouse Mega Teams among the top producers across the country.

Kathleen Black has over 17,000 hours personally supporting 1000's of entrepreneurs in Real Estate related industries to find clarity around their unique vision, in order to leverage, hire, and expand into high performance, profitable, and mission driven teams.

Having built a 7-figure coaching business, Kathleen offers the talents of a team of expert coaches specializing in various areas of business expansion, in addition to the hundreds of hours they invested in attaining status as a coach certified to train KBCC Systems.

All clients are immersed in the resources to ensure they are seeking and maintaining peak performance with a top 1% business to fuel their vision of a top 1% life.

The Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting network represents growth in the billions, for annual sales volume, and multi-millions in additional gross commissions earned annually by our coaching clients.

Kathleen Black
Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting Inc.