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Meet the Hosts

Simeon Papailias

Simeon Papailias is a force of nature in the Real Estate sector. Larger than life, Simeon connects people across cultures, demographics and regions. He creates tribes and families within his sphere of influence and, what he loves more than anything is to share his expertise and break bread with good people.

Simeon’s formal education began at Ryerson University’s Accounting and Financial Management program. Here he learned the importance of  understanding the numbers. How beneath all the pomp and circumstance circulating in the real estate world, the numbers speak the loudest and provide the opportunity to maximize returns and get the best deal.

Simeon quickly identified a gap in an industry lacking a deep understanding of how numbers affect real estate investing. He did a deep dive into the Real Estate Investment and Commercial Real Estate sectors. His reputation, work ethic and integrity expanded his network to include successful builders, influencers and investors across the province. Simeon’s name is now synonymous with Toronto Real Estate investing, as he is a frequent guest on multiple media channels who seek his perspective on the markets.

It is a platform for thought leaders in our industry to get their message out, a place for our colleagues to come get real, value driven content everyday.

Simeon is the co-founder and managing partner of REC Canada, the #1 Investment Focused Real Estate Firm in the country. REC Canada is the recipient of multiple awards in the real estate community and has an impeccable pedigree. REC is home to over 40 Senior Brokers that deal with over $200M in Canadian Real Estate each year.

Simeon is more than a real estate genius; he is a philanthropist who always gives back to the community, often behind the scenes. He can be spotted volunteering around the city without fanfare and taking up the fight for those being treated unfairly in various local communities.

Simeon’s intellect and authentic communication style make the Broker’s Playbook Podcast a platform for thought-leaders in the real estate industry. The podcast asks the tough questions, gets the experts who matter and raises the issues real estate investors need to stay ahead of the pack.

Laura Martin

Laura Scarlett Martin is an accomplished entrepreneur and thought leader with an unapologetic authenticity and drive. Since graduating from U of T with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science and Psychology plus a Masters in Business Psychology, Ms. Martin has worked as COO at Matrix Mortgage Global and been published over 40 times. By implementing her vast knowledge of organizational psychology, sales and leadership, Ms. Martin achieved a 5-year revenue growth of 710% and led Matrix to become Canada’s #1 Mortgage Brokerage.

In 2020, Laura developed Lingo Learn, an ESL start-up, with her partner, Luis Escobar. As CEO of Lingo Learn, she employs 20 teachers and educates over 500 ESL students to communicate and thrive at work and in life. She is truly driven to help others succeed and looks forward to building community and paving a new future in the world of Real Estate, Mortgages and Business as Co-Host of the Broker’s Playbook Podcast.

Bobby Puim has an accomplished background in Building Thriving Teams, Start-Ups and Establishing Business Systems.

From his work on starting businesses that have grown into sustainable and scalable Seven-Figure earning models, to charitable work that has helped change the lives of children across North America, Bobby brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in a multitude of fields.

His passion is helping people find their purpose through disciplined self-reflection and introspection exercises. He is also deeply invested in creating systematic working structures for organizations with which he works.

He currently serves as Vice President of Operations at REC Canada where he oversees all aspects of the company’s operations including finance & accounting, information technology (IT) infrastructure.

A No Bullsh*t Discussion On All Things Real Estate.

Broker’s Playbook is a podcast and vodcast, hosted by Simeon Papailias, Founder and CEO of REC Canada, and Laura Martin, COO of Matrix Mortgage Global. Both hosts are at the apex of production in their respective fields and in our country’s Real Estate and Mortgage Rankings.

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