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Women get what they want: survey

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The saying “happy wife, happy life” seems to hold true when it comes to purchasing real estate says a new poll, something agents should keep in mind when dealing with purchasing couples.

An internal survey of its agents by revealed that they were virtually unanimous (97.6 per cent) that women are the ones to ultimately get the home that they want.

“Since our agents have seen it all, we asked them to report what they’ve observed in the field, while also polling Canadian couples on their own experiences,” said Rokham Fard, CMO and co-founder of

While 18 per cent of agents reported men usually make the final home purchase decision (vs. 82 per cent of women), they are universal in the opinion that the woman will get what she wants. Said one agent, “The man, if he is the decision maker, will have the final say but the woman will get what she wants.”

When Canadians were asked who makes the decision on expensive purchases, 42.5 per cent of respondents said women, while only 36 per cent said men. Interestingly, of those who said that men make the decision, 43.4 per cent were men (vs. 26.8 per cent of women).

TheRedPin’s agents also reported that agents witnessed bribery between partners playing a role in the home purchasing process. The internal survey found almost half of TheRedPin agents see one partner bribe the other. Nearly a third of agents say this is the case the majority of the time.

“Sometimes there’s more compromise by one partner than another in the initial purchase, but both need to meet each other’s needs to make it a home,” said Fard.