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Young Guns 2018

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There is no shortage of roadkill on the highway of real estate. Many of those casualties are young agents flattened by a lack of credibility or by grossly underestimating the effort required to survive. But a great many agents learn early on how to keep their engines running, how to navigate the blind curves and how to stay in their lane. REP found 50 of them.

This year’s Young Guns are the agents who put in the work, day after day. When they’re not drumming up business, they’re learning something new; when they’re not ironing out the kinks in their buyer presentation, they’re optimizing systems. These agents, all 35 or younger, know that experience cannot be bought, but by immersing themselves in their work, they have accelerated their development at such an extraordinary clip that they now have as much to offer clients as the agents who have been perfecting their trade for decades. If you’re a traveller on the real estate highway, keep an eye on your side-views. One of these 50 agents will likely be passing you soon.