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Young Guns 2019

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Other than at the height of the 2016 market, has there ever been a better time to be young and in real estate? With technology transforming the industry both rapidly and radically, it’s the social-media-savvy young agents who are best poised to attract clients and market their properties in the most innovative way.


But real estate is more than what pops on Instagram. To last in this business, agents must build something far more impressive than a host of followers: a reputation. And no reputation takes shape without hard work, intelligence and the determination needed to fight through the inevitable failures.


That combination is on full display among this year’s Young Guns. These 50 agents aren’t just up-and-comers – they’ve fully arrived. Many of them are already established as their brokerages’ top producers. Their age hasn’t prevented them from delivering for their clients. If anything, it has forced them to prove themselves, while also proving that youth comes with a few advantages of its own.