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BROKER'S PLAYBOOK is a community

A Thought Leadership driven Community and evolving Ecosystem. A place where improving our skills and elevating our industry is not what we hope to do, but rather what we ACTUALLY DO every single day.

This is not an easy task; it takes all of us to want to get better, and it takes skill and tools to help us get there.

Simeon Papailias and his entire team of inspired and hard-working partners have been able to put together a version of a better future and a platform of what that can look like, and more importantly feel like.

Welcome to Broker’s Playbook, a place that is founded on learning and execution of the principles we teach. A platform that respects good intentions and agents who want to build a REAL and FULFILLING Career based on RELATIONSHIPS and creating VALUE to the communities they SERVE.

Everything we do is DIFFERENT.

Everything we do is REAL & EFFECTIVE.

Check out our Playbooks on Training, Branding and most important of all, Collaboration and Execution. See how your life can change by working with our team. See how you can also #playtowin


Building a successful Real Estate business isn’t easy. And, there is so much noise in the market about how you should be building, growing, and winning.

That’s why Broker’s Playbook was created… To help you, the Agent, grow into the business you are meant to be running. 

Join Broker’s Playbook Training to Build Your Foundation, Beat Your Competition to Business, and Thrive in the Toughest Industry in the World. 

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Episode 46 - Jamie and Jacklyn Purvis

What is the Be, Do, Have Movement?

A Real Estate and Mortgage Podcast.

Welcome to Broker’s Playbook – a bi-weekly web series presented by Real Estate and Mortgage industry leaders who want to see you win.

Get advice, tips, and insider information that will benefit your business development, closings, sales psychology and marketing strategy. If your goal is to be better, our goal is to get you there and today is a great day to start.

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Broker’s Playbook


Real Estate and Mortgage Podcast

Meet the Hosts

Simeon Papailias

Patner REC canada, Founder Broker’s Playbook &. Investor’s Playbook, Serial Entrepreneur

When it comes to real estate, no one does it quite like Simeon Papailias. As a highly respected, heavily connected industry leader and influencer, Simeon is one of the nation’s top professionals relied on for market knowledge, expertise, and straight-forward advice.

Laura Martin

COO Matrix Mortgage Global, Host Broker’s Playbook

Laura Scarlett Martin is an accomplished entrepreneur and thought leader with an unapologetic authenticity and drive. Since graduating from U of T with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science and Psychology plus a Masters in Business Psychology, Ms.

Bobby Puim

Vice President of Operations

Bobby Puim has an accomplished background in building thriving teams, successful start-ups and establishing effective business systems.

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