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At Broker's Playbook Training, we provide you with the tools and guidance you need to become a top producer in the real estate industry. With our proven strategies and tactics, you can learn at your own pace and increase your success rate. Get access to the best agents in North America and set yourself up for success.

With access to the Broker's Playbook Academy, you can begin your journey to a successful career in real estate. Get started today and unlock your true potential with Broker's Playbook Training.


We offer multiple training options to fit your needs. Choose from Completely Self-Paced, or Live! with Simeon Papailias and the Broker's Playbook Team. No matter what option you choose, you will have the tools and guidance you need to set the foundation of your business and become the success story you have always wanted to be.

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Fundamental Training

The Broker's Playbook - Fundamental Training program consists of four unique modules:

Buyer Agent Mastery Program (BAM)
Seller & Listing Agent Mastery Program (SLAM)

Each module contains in-depth video tutorials and instructional material that will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful real estate agent. Become proficient at lead generation, learn how to use negotiating tactics to optimize deals, and sharpen up on your masterful admin practices.

Complete RAMP Up!

The Complete RAMP Up! Package features 13 self-paced lessons expertly crafted by Top Broker - Simeon Papailias - and covers vital topics such as negotiation skills, finding off market deals, how to build successful client relationships and expanding on your social media presence.

Plus you'll have access to our supplementary programs:

Buyer Agent Mastery Program
Seller & Listing Agent Mastery Program
Admin Mastery Program

All designed to provide extra support in specific areas including client management techniques, listing presentations ideas, buyer strategies and more.


Broker's Playbook
12-Week Challenge

Built upon Simeon Papailias' 12-LIVE! lessons, participants get insider knowledge and strategies that have been proven to help thriving realtors achieve success.

With weekly calls with the Broker's Playbook Team, along with personal accountability programs, participants will be better able to build a successful and fulfilling career.

You don't need years of experience or innate skills, just drive, commitment and enthusiasm. Whether you want more leads, bigger deals or higher income streams, this course equips you with practical tactics and the confidence to go after them!

Now’s the time to make positive changes in your professional life – start now with the Broker's Playbook - Live Training.


12-week challenge

Track more than 3660 Daily Success Habits Points during the 12-week challenge.

Complete all work assigned.

Share a minimum of two social media posts a week tagging Broker's Playbook and documenting your journey.

Host at least one educational workshop/event for your audience featuring a collaborator and an opportunity.

The top performers will receive cash prizes!

Top Performance Overall (Daily Success Habits Points) - $3,000

Top Brand/Community Builder (Social Media) - $2,000

Are you ready to join the Broker's Playbook 12-Week Challenge and elevate your real estate career? Join us today and #LevelUp!