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In our latest episode of Broker’s Playbook, Simeon Papailias sits down with the esteemed Kate Broddick for a thought-provoking exchange on the transformative impact of large real estate teams within their communities. They delve into the critical shift from a primary focus on sales to a robust commitment to community support, highlighting how professionals can thrive by fostering meaningful connections and offering empathetic assistance amidst challenging market dynamics. For insights on nurturing a community-centric approach in real estate, join us in listening to this compelling episode.

Simeon Papailias: Hello once again, everyone from coast to coast. This is Simeon Papailias with Broker’s Playbook. Today I have the pleasure and honor of having Kate Broddick on the show. Kate is a powerhouse agent in Brantford, Ontario out of Revel Realty. She runs a team of just about 15 agents and five support staff, and she does a volume of over 3 to 400 transactions year after year, with consistency and with a huge commitment to the community and the fabric of what makes that whole part of Ontario what it is today, which is one of the best voted one of the greatest places to live and raise a family in Ontario, which is that Hamilton, West Brantford area. It is affordable, it is young and dynamic, and it’s evolving every day. Take a listen to what Kate Broddick has to share from her insights and her experience working within that market. Welcome everybody to Broker’s Playbook. I am sitting today with Kate Broddick out of Brantford, Ontario. She works with Revel Realty and she has her own team and she’s been servicing that community for years. She transacts 3 to 400 transactions a year. She helps clients. She helps clients with their life. She helps the community overall with her events. And I’m going to be trying to extract out of her today all that makes her. The unique value proposition she has become. The reason she has been successful for this long is because of what she puts into the community every day, and I hope that you can take what she has to offer with her insight and put it into your communities, creating a better value proposition and a stable business for yourself. Kate, welcome to the show.

Kate Broddick : Thank you. What a great intro. I mean, it’s true.

Simeon Papailias: So yeah, it’s great because what you’re doing is great in my opinion. Yeah. And that’s kind of why I wanted to have you on here to share what you do every day.

Kate Broddick : Yeah. And what you’re doing as well. What we’re doing. God bless you. Yeah. So and I’m one of the things that I love about our business, and it is a beautiful business, is that we are able to get out there and help our community. And when people say, you know, community oriented, it’s like, well, what are you really doing? Because it’s really not just about sponsoring, it’s about showing up and giving time for sure, right? Being a part of it. So I’m excited to talk to you about that today.

Simeon Papailias: So I have grown my entire business based on community events and educational events and but events in general, I believe very much in grabbing people’s attention by giving them something of value. Yeah, above and beyond that, there’s the other component of community which is giving to those who don’t have. Yes, both are equivalent. Equivalently, as powerful one is where your business can come from tomorrow or today, for that matter in educational events. But fostering and nurturing the community that you live in. Remember, we’re raising our kids. You have three boys. Yes. This is somewhere where you are living as part of the fabric of this community. And by giving to those who don’t have, helping those who are in need and actually being there, showing up and inspiring others to do the same makes a big difference to your business tomorrow 100%.

Kate Broddick : And it’s also creating that community awareness in the place that you’re raising your families and speaking to that. It’s also about once you once again, what you said is helping those in need. And if there was ever a time that people were in need, it’s now. Right. And we’re always talking about the real estate market because it’s obviously what we’re involved in. We’re talking about how there’s that fear mongering that that fear to purchase or that the seller hesitation or, you know, pricing adjustments or transacting transactions falling through. We were just talking about that downstairs. But, you know, there’s an even bigger problem that’s happening right now. And that’s people not being able to afford to live, people having an extreme hardship in our communities that we’re servicing and having a community awareness is understanding that there is more than just people buying and selling homes. It’s people losing homes. It’s people not being able to afford putting food on the table. There’s some big issues in our communities right now, and I think this is now the time we need to step up.

Simeon Papailias: I couldn’t agree with you more. And I shot a show last week with with Cailey Heaps out of Toronto, Ontario. She’s a massive agent serving one of the most affluent communities in Toronto, and there is no community that hasn’t been hit by this. Yeah, um, affluent neighborhoods, poor neighborhoods, middle class neighborhoods. Everybody feels the this economy’s cycle in one way or another. I agree, some people have bigger problems than others. Some people have desperate problems. What she said to me last week was. Her listening has changed and her leadership is now focused 100% around empathy.

Kate Broddick : I love that.

Simeon Papailias: You are saying the exact same thing. When did you turn your focus? Or maybe it’s always been this way for you. But when did you shift your absolute, your resources and your focus to being there for the community? From a because we’re going to talk about some of the events you’re doing, and that’s actual food drives for food banks that have lineups around the corner. Yes. So there’s some serious stuff happening. But when did you turn your focus as a because we are the big teams in real estate are community leaders. Yes. We have to be. You’re an ambassador for, in my opinion, for Branford Real Estate. When did you turn your focus to pay attention to what’s happening on the ground at that granular level?

Kate Broddick : So one of the things we’ve always been involved in community events, sponsoring different organizations, not for profits. The Branford Hospital, we outfitted separate rooms for our little infant patients so they wouldn’t have to go to Max. So we’ve always been driven towards the community, but there was a definite pivot, and I’m glad you asked that. When we had our sales meeting last month. And something hit me when we started getting phone calls of people saying that they were going to lose their homes. And I have never been in a market where I’ve had this level of people calling in. And and to be fair, there was a phone call that I received where for the first five minutes I couldn’t make out the lady’s name because she was in such hysterics that she was going to have her home repossessed by the bank because she could no longer make the payments with the shift in interest rate when she went to renew. And when we sat down and talked about our sales meeting, we actually shifted the conversation to what can we do more of? Not more sales, not more marketing, but more community. And we all came to the table and decided that it was now our time to shift our empathy. To people who are struggling to put food on the table, struggling to buy winter jackets for their kids.

Kate Broddick : I have three boys, right? This is a real thing in our schools struggling to even for holidays like, you know, Christmas coming up, putting, having turkey, having your traditional family meal that you almost take for granted because you think that everybody is going to have that. And the simple fact of the matter is, is being a leader in your community doesn’t mean that you have to step up and put money out there for everything, right? Everyone right now has to make sure that their finances are in order, but it means giving your time and actively engaging in the community to be able to show up for it when it needs you the most. And so one of the things that we are doing is we’ve partnered with the Branford Food Bank, and instead of just putting bins in our lobby of our offices, we’re actually creating community awareness by getting people to put food out on their doorsteps so that we can collect it for them to remove the hassle and the barrier of collecting for those in need. So we’ve shifted our focus to be more present for people because people have been present for us. I mean, think about it, how many of the community have shown up for you in your business a lot, right? That’s why you’re a successful hundreds.

Simeon Papailias: Thousands.

Kate Broddick : That’s right. So and I feel the same.

Simeon Papailias: I love what you’re saying. And I’m going to bring yet another example. Yesterday. Yesterday I was at my office at Don Mills location, our our headquarters, Toronto East. My business partner was speaking with an agent talking about coaching. Coaching program. And I can’t. I couldn’t hear the other agent, but I know what the conversation was because I could hear my partner. And my partner says at one point, this is not the year that you are going to grow your transaction count. This is the year that you’re going to solidify to your client base why you’re there and you’re going to survive. You need to survive this year because the transactions we know as a factor of 50% down because people cannot transact, either they can’t sell because they can’t requalify, or they can’t buy because they can’t afford the rate. So either way, transactions are cut in half. So the the the truth of the matter is you’re not growing this year. No. But you can sustain your market share by being a leader. Yes. So even if there’s 50% less transactions, you can still be at the top 10%, 5%, 1% if you do the right things. And that is checking in with your clients. How are you? Are you experiencing stress? Is there anything I can say to you about what’s happening that can help you sleep better at night? Is there somebody I can introduce to your life? A financial adviser, a consolidation, a this or that? The other. What can I do to reduce the anxiety in your life? Because people will never forget that phone call.

Kate Broddick : No they won’t.

Simeon Papailias: You are blanketing the neighborhoods that you are involved in with flyers for your food drives. Yes, you’re asking people to contribute what they can by putting bins that you will go and pick up.

Kate Broddick : Yes. So essentially our agents are targeting targeting just to make it so that it’s not overwhelming. Each agent is targeting a neighborhood within the community. Flyering like putting door knockers and saying, you know, Saturday between 11:30 and 12:30, if you’d like to make a donation that you’re able to make for the Branford Food Bank, I will be by to pick it up. So that way we’re not asking people to. I mean, they can drive to our office, obviously we’re we’re putting that out on social media as well, but we’re trying to take away the barrier of time and energy to be able to service our community better and saying, you know what? We’re going to do the legwork for you. If you can put a small donation of non-perishable food out on your doorstep, we will be by at this time in order to get it, and we will personally drop it off on your behalf.

Simeon Papailias: For me, this is one of the core teachings. I have a real estate training program. This specific what you’re doing is actually covered in my door knocking and geo farming part of the course, which is why I was laughing when you said, downstairs. I just looked at Bobby. I said, I actually teach this very thing to the new agents, not understanding, like how do you how do you gain market share? And you do it, you don’t do it by, you know, saying, hi, I’m I’m an agent. Do you know anybody who wants to buy real estate? Because. No. Can you leave my house a little weird? Why are you here? But it’s by giving to the neighborhood first. Yes. So if you expect we’re in, we’re in the service business and we are not on salaries. So we need in order for us to eat, we need to kill. So if we eat, what we kill. And what we’re trying to kill is the community loyalty to us. What do you give the community first? That’s right. I know after this many years in business, I know you are extremely successful and blessed. So I’m not saying it for you. I’m saying this for new agents. Even if you new agent are selfish and not in a position to think community overall, you need to pretend that you are selfless. That’s right. Because you are selfless. You’re doing it. You don’t. You’re already in there. They’re already your clients. But for a new agent to break in, they have to be kinder and better. Faster. Yes, in order to succeed in gaining the hearts and minds of a community.

Kate Broddick : And that takes action. And I think that’s what a lot of new agents need to, to really straighten up and get right. You know, we’re not in this people who have been in this business for ten plus years and have had the level of success that you’ve had. It’s not because you sat in front of a computer all day and filmed video and and was a content creator. You got out boots on the ground running.

Simeon Papailias: We still do, and.

Kate Broddick : So do I. Exactly. But you’re you’re doing it the right way. Whereas people coming into this business to think that it’s something that’s easy, it’s not. It’s people have to recognize you as someone who is genuine, empathetic, who works hard, who cares, right?

Simeon Papailias: The true care, the true care, because people are not going to buy smoke and mirrors. That may have been the case in the 70s and 80s. Not now, maybe the 90s. But I can assure you that people are extremely savvy. People are educated ten times more than they used to be, and in many cases know more about their neighborhoods than you do. People know people have sources. The internet is a crazy thing. Yeah. So you need to bring your A game. But people are not going to buy smoke and mirrors.

Kate Broddick : No they’re not. And let me ask you a question because this was asked to me and I loved this question in today’s market. And you’re you’re on everyone’s on social media, right. You’re on social media. And you see the agent posting videos of them in their $150,000 car racing down the street. You know, going off to this luxury party or you see the agent who’s out with their kids knocking on doors for food bank items, who are you going to hire?

Simeon Papailias: There is absolutely no doubt about. There’s no.

Kate Broddick : Question in my mind.

Simeon Papailias: Either. There is no question. And this is this also comes again to quote the great Cailey Heaps, who I had the pleasure of interviewing awareness. She is acutely aware the people who are at the top leading the game. The reason you’re here to share your insight is because you are acutely aware of what is happening in your in your town, on the street. Yeah. For you to walk up with red bottom shoes to to to pick up food for a food bank would be highly inappropriate. Absolutely. So so knowing what’s what the right thing to do is and when is another art in itself? Yeah. Tell me a little bit about what your advice is to your agents handling these people, both in crisis or extremely uncomfortable right now. How are they speaking to them? What are you guys? What exercise are you going through to help prepare the ground?

Kate Broddick : There’s a really simple quote, and I love this quote, is God gave you two ears and one mouth. Listen more, speak less. People need to be heard right now. They need to be. They need someone else to understand what their why is, what their goal is, what their situation is. And you said it best just a few minutes ago. People need to get through this time, and we need to be the liaison to help get them there, whether that be three months, six months, a year, helping them with not financial planning, but giving them the context in order to maybe get someone to help them, even if it means just like leveraging what they have in order to, you know, put food on the table. Maybe it’s speaking to refinance their mortgages and maybe a sale is is the best option for them, not for you, but for them in order to get them out of this time period. But it’s listening. It’s not talking them into the transaction. It’s not trying to get another listing. It’s not trying to make someone purchase. I just had a call on the way up here today. Really good client of mine. And she said, you know what, Kate? Like right now they’re stressing us at 8.8% interest. Crazy. Absolutely crazy. I mean, and you got to remember, this is at a time where she bought for 2.8%. So that’s 6% on top, right? And I said, you know what? You don’t need to tell me in a way that’s makes me feel like I’m going to lose a transaction. If this does not suit your family’s needs, you need to protect your own front doorstep. Now, this is for you. This is not for me. Because you know what? I know in my mind that when I’m helping people genuinely in their best interest, I will never lose that client.

Simeon Papailias: And I’ve told my clients a thousand times, whether you buy this year or next year or the year after, I know that I’m your agent. If I feel felt any way about it, I would say so. Yes, this is your move. The consequences of your decision are yours. Yes. They’re not mine. So I can never tell you, like, do this now or don’t do this now. What are you comfortable with?

Kate Broddick : That’s exactly right. And that’s exactly what I said. At the end of the day, you’ve got to protect your own front doorstep. And I’ve got to support you in any, any decision that you’ve made. And that’s that’s basically what we’re saying to our agents right now is we have to ride this wave. And I loved what you said. This isn’t a record year. This is a survival year. This is a year to get through, to do what’s right, to go back to our foundation lessons. You know, the tasks that we need to do, which is building relationships, keeping in contact with our clients, making sure our database is up to date, sending thank you cards, personal phone calls, even a text message, a voice note.

Simeon Papailias: Kate, I was just going to say this is a survival year for the short term visionary for the right now. This is the biggest build year for your long term business. Absolutely. It is what you do. How you act in this market is going to determine the next the success or failure of the next 3 to 5. I believe that because people will always remember what you did for them when they needed you most.

Kate Broddick : Absolutely.

Simeon Papailias: People will always remember that they never called you, but you called them to check in. Yeah. Who called you? Client. Who called you? I called you. That’s right. You don’t need to remind them. Ever. People will always remember the people who care. I can speak for myself that I absolutely care about my clients well-being. It is them who I have served that have served my interests as well. Absolutely. When I speak to my clients, I actually say these things. I actually like people are like, oh, you don’t need to say, I do need to say thank you. Every time I go to a client that I’ve used that has used me before, let’s say. I closed my sales meeting as, let’s say, Kate Broddick is my client. Kate, in closing, I would like to remind you. That I don’t take me for granted, and I take I don’t take you for granted. I would love the opportunity to earn your business or earn your business again. If you are to choose someone to represent you. I hope you choose me, because I will work the hardest for you and give you all of me to ensure that your mandate is met. I say that in a good market, but I especially say that now.

Kate Broddick : And I love that because you use the word I want to earn your business because you are earning it. There’s no there’s no self righteous or entitlement there whatsoever. It’s what do I have to do to make you happy so that you keep coming back?

Simeon Papailias: 100%. That is the foundation of it. The other thing is, once you’ve reached and this goes maybe to the to the people ten years in the business plus. Once you reach a certain level of success. It’s funny that clients say to you, sorry to bother you and that yes, it’s yes, it it feels good to be recognized as a leader or somebody. But that also tells me that in the back of your head you think I’m unapproachable.

Speaker3: Mhm.

Simeon Papailias: In my mind.

Kate Broddick : Yeah. No you’re going with this.

Simeon Papailias: So it is very important. So if it’s these people. These people who built my business. These are the people. These are my clients. These are my OGs. Yeah, but eight years later, I didn’t want to bother you. Is there somebody else I can know?

Kate Broddick : Yeah. You’re not bothering me, are you?

Simeon Papailias: Like. Since when? So it is very important. Especially in a time where we want to go back and give, genuinely give back to the community that we remind the people we’re giving back to, that nothing’s changed in here.

Kate Broddick : Absolutely.

Simeon Papailias: So genuinely, if you are doing something, please allow me to perform. But also remember that I am not too busy. Absolutely not. Anything. Yes, you may need to schedule an appointment to see me for two hours. Yes. However you’re going to book that and that’ll be our time, dedicated and focused. Which is why I don’t want to speak to you right now for ten minutes. Wishy washy. I want to give you all of me.

Kate Broddick : That’s right.

Simeon Papailias: So these are the techniques I’m using.

Kate Broddick : And I love that. And actually just to to fall in line with that, I just did a campaign for my. Greatest clients, the ones who call me to see how my kids are doing, the ones who show up to our events, the ones who have the referral antennas out all the time, genuine connections. And that’s not to say those are raving fans. Oh, absolutely. As Ravi Singh calls them, your mavens, 100%.

Simeon Papailias: I just.

Kate Broddick : Did a campaign that Ravi.

Simeon Papailias: Singh’s brilliant.

Kate Broddick : And wonderful person, and we just had him on my podcast. And one of the things that I took from that, and I immediately implemented it when I left my Norfolk office, is I had cards made up that said, I want you to fall back in love with real estate, and I sent every single one of them a thank you for their loyalty, a thank you for their commitment to me and my team. And I sent them a $10 Starbucks card because I love pumpkin spice lattes and it’s the fall. It did not ask them for their business. It did not ask them for referrals. It was a pure thank you for being with me for ten plus years, and.

Simeon Papailias: People appreciate it.

Kate Broddick : And and of course they do. And it’s something so small, but it means the world to them to be acknowledged without anyone coming in and asking like, oh, are you looking to buy or sell? Like that’s starting to get tacky.

Simeon Papailias: Just like when you receive a $10 gift card, you don’t need the $10. Nobody needs the $10. But it feels nice for somebody to be like, huh? You took the time to write me a note to send me a card. It feels good. Does feel.

Kate Broddick : Good. It’s just small token of appreciation for years and years of service.

Simeon Papailias: I love that I just had an experience where actually the realtor community rallied behind me back in early fall. In October, I had my fundraiser for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, and I received gifts and monetary contributions. And the coolest things, because I’m doing a Trek for it and they send me like wind, wind resistance, things that go over top of your face, gloves, packs, little hacks. And it’s all people who I’ve never met. But these people thought like what I was doing for the community. Obviously, I’m doing it because I generally have an interest in women or abused women having a place to go, like, I have a daughter, I have a wife, and when my mother was around, may she rest in peace like I have a mother. Like it can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone. And I value that. Like that’s one of my things. But other people saw that and said they thought to themselves, look what he’s doing. And they send me gifts and words of encouragement. And I’m saying, all I’m saying is it felt so nice.

Kate Broddick : And you deserved it.

Simeon Papailias: But it felt so nice. So if you can’t take the time to write out 5100. Thank you. I just want you to fall in love with real estate again. And he don’t ask for anything. People feel nice, they do feel nice. And this is how your you cultivate your brand and your image to when things come up the cycle again. They’re going to remember who made them feel nice. They’re going to remember who was there to pick up food donations for the food drive. Right. I think there’s a reason you’re winning. And this is what I want to bring out today and share. I want this to be the message that you bring to our brothers and sisters across the country, and.

Kate Broddick : I hope Realtors take it upon themselves to do something in their community. Make it a passion project out of the cold collecting winter jackets for kids. That’s a passion project. I have three little boys collecting food for people who are less fortunate. When you’re driving past the food bank every day and see the lineups around. If you don’t have empathy for that, are you really human? So make it a passion project. Do something you love. Find something in your community that you can contribute to because it matters. Because you care and it will be so much easier to execute.

Simeon Papailias: Maybe it’s a time to audit your brand and your what you actually stand for to.

Kate Broddick : Yes it is. It is absolutely. Because, you know, once again, we’re we’re blessed to be in this business. It’s not always going to be a smooth ride. And actually the opportunity arises in the most difficult times. And it’s the true leaders that step up and they perform 100%.

Simeon Papailias: So some insights because only because you brought up winter jackets and clothing. You have three boys. I have a daughter and a son. What I’ve noticed my my daughter turns 11 in the next few weeks. My son turned. Uh, eight in June. And what I’ve noticed is that every single year, every single piece of clothing we’ve ever bought them. Goes. To a box. Every single year. All the things have to rotate because they outgrow them. As a single man 15 years ago. I never thought that this existed because I didn’t have kids. I just never thought. What does a family do with kids? A family spends a couple thousand dollars a year outfitting clothes. Sports clothes. All the clothes, the coats, the shoes. This. The the shoes. Boots. The boots. Every year, a new pair. I have the same boots for 12 years. Because I bought one pair of boots. There were $200. I bought the good ones. Yeah, and you.

Kate Broddick : Didn’t need anything else.

Simeon Papailias: And never will, because I wear them for 30 days on slushy days. Yeah, my kids need two. One for indoor, one for outdoor, one for this.

Kate Broddick : And and they’re growing every year.

Simeon Papailias: So the reason I’m saying this is not because I discovered a phenomenon. I just didn’t have kids. And now I do. I’m saying this because when inflation, food prices, gas prices and employment has been compromised, and we have the problem that you’ve noticed with people around food banks around the corner, if they’re looking for food, I can assure you they didn’t buy a new winter coat.

Kate Broddick : No they didn’t.

Simeon Papailias: So these are some ideas. That you can bring into your practice today. Yes, like after this podcast, maybe call a few of your team members, a few of a few of the people that sit beside you at the office. If you’re a solo, if you’re in a team, bring this to your team meeting. We say, hey, should we be looking at the next time we go on Saturday to advertise our open house? Why don’t we print something and ask us? I know every single thing from, well, we don’t keep anything in boxes anymore. Now it goes straight. Like we found out all the things and anything that doesn’t fit them. With no prospect, like anything at the end of this summer is not surviving next year.

Kate Broddick : No, no it’s not.

Simeon Papailias: So it’s gone. Yeah. So we don’t give them to friends. Our friends are very blessed to. Yeah. They go directly to places such as women’s shelters where they can’t even afford to go to goodwill. Yeah, because that even costs money. That’s right. Not to say that goodwill is not a great cause. Bless. Give to goodwill. Give to Salvation Army. But if you can put it into the hands of those direct. If you do have that ability, please do.

Kate Broddick : Another great thing you can do in your community is I have five schools within directly five minutes of me. You can call the schools up and say, you know, I’m looking to donate to some of the kids who are less fortunate, of course, for privacy reasons. And you don’t need to know, and nor should you want to know. What do you know? Families that are in need and within your school, and they will actually give you a list of their sizes, and you can drop it off at the schools as long as it’s been cleaned and it’s been okayed by the parent or new. Yeah. Or new. And once again, like, I mean, how many people like my mum and my, my kids grandparents spoil my kids because they do. And I’ve got stuff that never makes it without the tag. Correct. Give it to people who are less fortunate directly in your community there, in the schools or in your church, or in the grocery store that you shop at. It’s not hard to find these people. They’re everywhere right now.

Simeon Papailias: Well, and you don’t need to find them. So it’s exactly what you just said, whether it’s privacy or whether do you even should you if it has anything with making anybody feel less, then I want nothing to do with it. I’m doing it for the right again. Do it for whatever reason, even if it’s selfish. Do it. But if it’s not selfish, which mine is not selfish. I like giving because it makes me feel great. Yes, it gives me pleasure to see somebody smile and it’s because of my efforts. It gives me all the feels. Maybe that is selfish, I don’t know.

Kate Broddick : No, no it’s not.

Simeon Papailias: Regardless, what I’m getting at is if you go to any child protection agency. Yes. If you go to any school, if you go to any food bank, the food bank knows who needs the clothes too.

Kate Broddick : Trust me. Same people that line up.

Simeon Papailias: Trust me, trust me. So really think about philanthropy, about humanity, and how you can layer that as a leadership pillar into your business.

Kate Broddick : I agree.

Simeon Papailias: Miss Kate Braddock. That’s. That’s what I wanted to get out of you today. I think we got it at ten fold.

Kate Broddick : Yeah, and I love talking about it because I know you’re passionate about it.

Simeon Papailias: I’m very passionate about it. Tell me. Share with me above and beyond this topic. I’m. I really think we brought this topic home. Yeah. I do believe there are going to be people who listen to this that are going to come off this podcast and make a difference. Yes, if you do something as a result of this, even if it’s a thought, even if you inspired someone else, please give us the feedback. We’d love to feature your stories and share them if you’re doing it online. We’re across all social media at Brokers playbook.com at Kate.

Kate Broddick : Agent Kate on Instagram.

Simeon Papailias: At Agent Kate. Please tag please reach out. We’re all extremely happy to support your socials and give as much as we can. Give me some closing words, Kate. Tell me something else. What are you doing over the holidays? What are you looking at accomplishing next year? What’s what’s your outlook? How are things going? Well, outside.

Kate Broddick : Of our community? Events with the food bank, with turkey drive out of the cold for jackets, our team events that we’re having with Santa, and face painting for the kids. We are looking to continue doing what we’re doing, which is loving our clients, keeping contact with our clients, continuing our marketing strategy strategies within our Brantford and Norfolk areas. And we are just honestly, everyone thinks that they need to reinvent the wheel. Every single year. We are doing the exact same thing that we are doing consistently and we’re doing it together. And honestly, I think that 2024 is going to be a pivotal year depending on what interest rates do and what the economy is doing. But instead of looking for reasons to, you know, say the market is doing this and the market is doing that, just keep moving forward. That’s all we can do.

Simeon Papailias: Keep servicing your clients. Right. Market is up. Market is down. Your clients need to buy, need to sell, need to invest and they need their needs met. So let’s talking about you what you started with two years one mouth make use of that. That’s right I love it Kate Broddick thank you for joining me on brokersplaybook.com for everybody listening. Kate’s socials will be below this video. All her info will be there for you to get in touch with her. Please share. Subscribe to both Brokers Playbook and Kate. We’re here to give as much as we can. Until next time. Kate. Thank you so much. Thank you. See you then.